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ThrowBack to BTS’s COOL MUSIC MAGAZINE Interview from 2015.2.25

English Translation of an old interview BTS did 4 years ago!

Back in 2015, COOL Magazine did a rather unconventional photo shoot and interview with our boys who were still breaking through the K-Pop industry at the time. If you still haven’t came across this “cool mess”, here is the behind the scene experience by the magazine editors as well as their first impression of the members and the full interview in English! The full translation is by ©KIMMYYANG (tumblr)


COOL magazine have taken many photo shoots of boy groups, but this time, it was so out of control. We have never had such ‘thrilling’ experience before. We had simple, appropriate plans PLAN A & PLAN B, but we went with PLAN C, which was more lively and fun.

Although we know BTS quite well, but we weren’t mentally and physically prepared for this photo shoot. During the photo shoot, we had signs such as losing our hearings and blindness. It resulted in a complete mess and everyone was laughing their heads off. It’s a bit exaggerated to say that we’re regretting but when their contagious, loud laughter was blasting around COOL’s head, COOL now fully understands that these kids’ power, is unpredictable.

The Fried Pork in Scoop says: “There’s no explanation for a foodaholic’s life.”

This time BTS came to our own photo studio, so we wanted to treat them as a host. Early in the morning, we went to a famous shop near the studio and bought many foods such as chestnuts, baked sweet potato chips, candied gourd and many fruits. It seems that it was all worth it, since BTS had to record a show until 2am, when they came to the studio in the morning, you could tell they were all really sleepy, but once they saw the foods on the table, they were all wide awake and cheering.

All you could hear in the lounge was the sound of them peeling chestnut and munching on sweet potato chips. While COOL was explaining the schedule, they were all waving the chestnuts, saying thank you and that they’re eating well. They looked so cute with puffy cheeks like squirrels. There’s a proverb (it doesn’t exist but anyways) “there’s no end for a foodaholic”. Since COOL’s photo shoot will last the whole day, COOL’s friends worries that COOL won’t be able to have lunch so they bought takeaway from a restaurant that did northeastern chinese cuisine.

They came and visted COOL with COOL’s favorite fried pork in scoop (super big portion) and green chili pepper with braised beef. It was still hot when the food arrived, the kids smelled it and all had stars in their eyes. COOL was handing it out saying “finish the meat and please concentrate for the photo shoot, quick quick quick!” While Jimin was eating the fried pork in scoop, he was mumbling in Chinese “lamb kebabs, lamb kebabs~!”. Our friends noticed that and went out to buy lamb kebabs. The kids kept eating non-stop and were very satisfied. They were all smiling brightly (like flowers) for each set of photos. They’re so easy to take care of, so easy!

The tapestry (on the wall) says: “do you guys hold a grudge against me”.

Photographer Xi hyung has added many props for this photo shoot. One of them was a tapestry, the color really matched well. But once the photo shoot started, the kids made a mess. We have stapled the tapestry very well on the backdrop but I think the kids had too much food and was too energetic, they were all smiling brightly for group shots and when they got put into different sets, they all turned into monkeys. They were wearing elegant clothes but once they were told to show some ‘skinship’, they all ended up grappling with each other. The first set was leader, Jin, Suga and maknae, 3 hyungs and a maknae, it was like a family photo, so harmonious and happy.

The next set… oh no why did COOL randomly put them together. Putting J-Hope, Jimin and Kim! Tae! Hyung! together, it’s going to be a chaos. Just as expected, the composition of the frame needs someone to sit on the chair, once they saw the chair, they turned into Hercules and fought over it. COOL and the staff were all startled, it was too late to stop them, they were like a fried dough twist. When COOL suddenly shouted “enough, stop!”, the tapestry slowly fell down… down on Kim Taehyung’s head. Now the monkeys knows to look over at us. They all turned around and looked at COOL, the tapestry was still on Kim Taehyung’s head.

COOL was very angry, had to pause the shoot and went to put up the tapestry. The kids looked embarrassed. Jimin was all smiley, wanting to help but when he saw COOL’s face, he backed out. Whereas Kim Taehyung was in a corner (in a squatting position), looking innocently and pouting at Xi hyung and COOL. Xi hyung just said: “just accept this misfortune.” COOL replied with a sneer: “you think this is the end?” Xi hyung trembled and felt a cold sweat falling down his face.

The strawberry says: “Did I ask you to eat me so sexily.”

It’s time for individual shots. COOL filled the wine glasses with strawberries for them to use as a prop. Since it’s real strawberries, so you could smell the sweety scent. The kids really wanted to eat them while holding it. But COOL deliberately picked a few nice looking ones so if they ate it all, the outcome of the photos won’t be very good. Then COOL suggested, “you can only eat one, okay?!” When it was Jin’s turn, he came over and you can tell he just finished eating lamb kebabs. He smelled the strawberries, wrinkled up his nose and asked: “noona, is it okay if I don’t eat it?” COOL was like “of course”.

When it was leader, Rap Monster’s turn, his expression wasn’t to the point so COOL said: “do not eat it yet!” Rap Monster went blank for a second, he took one and smelled it, “it’s real, why can’t I eat it???” The last one, it was… Kim Taehyung’s turn. He was beaming with joy, smiling like a radiant flower and said to COOL: “noona I’m going to eat it!” One after another… then he ate all of them. That little brat knows he’s the last one, so it’s okay to eat all of the strawberries! And can you not eat it so seducily and sexily?! Did the strawberry agree on this? Seeing his various expressions of ‘it’s so cold’, ‘sour’, ‘so sweet’, photographer Xi hyung couldn’t stop snapping photos while praising him: “very good, very good, that was a good expression!” It all ended but it seems that both were yearning for more, one didn’t have enough of food, and the other one didn’t have enough of photos.

The drum set says: “The sturdy life is only lacking a hole.”

Now to a different set, Xi hyung provided us with his own drum set. When the kids saw it, they got all excited and started to hit the drums, especially Jimin and leader. There was a problem though, Kim Taehyung was out of the frame. If he stands behind the drum set then you can’t see the lower half of him. When we were discussing… Kim Taehyung took off his shoes and was about to step on the drum. COOL shouted: “No you can’t!” Looking over at Xi hyung, he was about to cry. Then we figured out and let Kim Taehyung to step on the stepladder.

It was all good until another set, there’s no where to place leader’s foot, he was about to step on the drums. COOL reached out… then Xi hyung said: “it’s okay, let him stand on the chair, his foot can slightly step on the drum.” After a while, we saw a dent in the drum on the sport where leader stepped on. It got even worse as time went past. But it was better than we’ve expected, at least he didn’t make a hole in the drum.

The mirror says: “Who’s lap are you sitting on.”

One of the staff nudged COOL, without realising what was happening and looked into the mirror. COOL saw Kim Taehyung sitting on the sofa, then Jimin slowly walked over towards him… with an unpredicable smile and he sat on Kim Taehyung’s lap. Eventually they faced each other, and smiled… without saying anything and just tickled each other’s chins. The staff beside COOL was having a mental breakdown. But the other BTS members, coordis and manager all walked past like it was nothing special.

COOL says: “From a young lady to an old woman, all you need is V.”

After a long day of photo shooting, it’s time for the interview. COOL let out a sigh of relief, finally we can have a chat. Since we know BTS quite well, we’ve omitted the obvious questions and asked specific detailed questions. After a few questions, we’ve realised that they kept whispering to each other. When the question was aimed at an individual member, their eyes will be sparkling like stars. Especially Kim Taehyung, he was smiling sweetly all the way through the interview. He doesn’t even get shy when we make eye contacts with each other, he was very enthusiastic.

When COOL asked them what they do want to say to the Chinese noona fans… Kim Taehyung suddenly started to shoot at COOL “piu piu” – cuteness overload. COOL pretended that she got shot while saying “aigooo” and the members all burst out laughing. J-Hope kept repeating “aigooo”, Kim Taehyung then said: “noona, you look like my grandma doing that~” COOL literally broke down, she was speechless… from 20s turning into 60s all thanks to V. Jimin asked curiously: “noona, are you V’s fan?” COOL fixed her expressions and replied: “nope!” Then looked at Kim Taehyung, his expressions were stiffened, he slumped across the table and started to draw small circles. Hey why did you get upset? You just said I looked like your grandma, do you want a granny fan?

Overall, even though it was tiring, I feel warm inside.

Everything ended, the kids were all sitting nicely waiting for the car to take them to the airport. At that moment, dinner has arrived, we ordered a king size pizza. COOL and the staffs were starving after 6 hours without eating, but I guess the kids were more tired than hungry. This was the most quiet moment, they all gathered around, ripping the pizza slices into small pieces like hamsters. They all cleaned up afterwards and put the rubbish into bin bags. Then they queued up in the bathroom to brush their teeth. COOL knew from the first interview that they had this habit – they would always carry toothbrushes with them. COOL handed over some polaroid for them to sign, somehow COOL’s mood was brightened up while listening to the merry sound of them brushing teeth. At the end, they left the studio. Without forgetting to bow and say goodbye to us, they said in Chinese: “You’ve worked hard! Thank you! Goodbye.” And waved at us, their gestures were all over the place because of the heavy winter coats, but it was cute. We will be meeting them again at Beijing’s concert in March, I wonder what it will be like… I’m already looking forward to it.



He has a big sign of ‘I’m a Hip-Hopper!’ glistening across his forehead, and from the inside he’s a charming senpai. It’s because he is Rap Monster, that’s why his image has turned out like this. He is so photogenic with his tameless charm. 

He doesn’t like talking and he doesn’t like scolding people either. He simply does his job and makes everything clear in advance. In fact, this kind of person is very reliable when comes to be in charge of things. Becoming the leader of the group is definitely not because of the age. Actually he’s not even that old, but he is inconsistent in his thoughts and he’s sharp-witted, mentally responsive & perceptive at the same time. 

Also, I need to mention that even though he doesn’t try to be funny, he always ends up as the funny guy in the group. Just before the Beijing Press Conference, they were watching their old performances’ videos. And whenever the leader’s part came up, the members would all cheer and laugh. Well, it seems like they can only make fun of the leader at these kind of times.


He is the typical free-spirited and unconstrained Aquarius guy (Lit.: he has an unrestrained and vigorous style that brims with talent). He’s the type that gets high/ excited for no reason. So when there’s a punchline, he would be laughing really loudly, even when there’s nothing funny to laugh about, he would laugh anyways. The question is how can we save his restless energy. 

As the best dancer, his enthusiasm in dancing is never-ending, that’s why we can see it in every day life. We often see J-Hope moving his pelvis in the position of a horse stance, wobbling his upper body along with his contagious laughter. 

And he is always very enthusiastic when comes to learning Chinese, he tries his best to compliment the Chinese staffs using the Chinese that he has learnt. He is studying actively. He sure is a person who knuckles down to work and knows how to work around/ be flexible with things. And, instead of saying that he doesn’t like the low, boring atmosphere, why don’t we put it in different words; Hoseok ah, actually you’re just afraid of loneliness, right?


He is handsome and slim. When you look at his face, you wouldn’t have imagined that he would be so tall. It’s just that he is completely two different creatures when he’s moving around and sitting still. When he frees his soul, he’s a charming boy that is loved by everyone and especially when he smiles at the camera, he’s such an invincible cutie pie. 

He’s the type that you wouldn’t know what he’s going to do in the next second. So whether it was the photo-shoot or the interview, we had to keep an extra eye on him. It’s proved that even though he’s loud, once he turns into ‘V’, he becomes all professional and serious. 

And he is so photogenic, he was so good at pulling off those subtle facial expressions. Xi hyung really liked him and even allowed V to play on his electronic drum. And V was so happy when he got complimented… you should have seen his reaction, he’s a kid after all.


There’s a phrase called ‘不怒自威 – a person that projects a natural dignity and power’ which can perfectly describe him, but Suga replied ‘are you saying that I look fierce/ aggressive?’ See, no wonder he’s the sharp tongue of BTS. 

Suga is thorough but also witty, and he is good at taking care of himself and he’s good at self-discipline. The kids really admire him for that. That’s why he’s the member that everyone wants to rely on. Although there’s the leader, and the powerful maknae, but Suga can also be appointed to be in charge of things. 

When everyone gets overly excited, Suga would whisper “it’s enough”, and then they would all calm down and behave themselves. Whether it’s his artist’s self-discipline or as group’s, Suga has the role of ‘leading and setting an example for everyone’. In other words, he’s the hyung ‘with a senior’s manners’.


Overall, he is talented in everything. Although he’s the maknae, he doesn’t have the tendencies of a child. He’s sensible and quiet both on & off the screen, his new earrings made him even more captivating. 

He doesn’t give off the feeling of ‘dependency on the hyungs’ like the other maknaes from the other groups. He is able to outstandingly accomplish the task he was given to in the shortest time, and he also can lead the group’s pace. From looking at the noisy pair V and J-Hope, Jungkook found the fixed position that suited him the best as a maknae. 

You can’t even see any aegyo from him, the only time that he showed his aegyo was when he heard his voice in the background music during the photo shoot. Suddenly he got embarrassed and did aegyo to the camera, “noona, can you not play this song pleaseee~~~” And at that time I realized, it doesn’t matter how mature he looks, he is still a young 1997 liner.


His eye smile is very charming. Although he’s part of the dongsaeng line, he has a steady character like a hyung. He is sensible but not taciturn, he is quiet but not inarticulate. When he’s supposed to be lively, he can be the most lively member. 

He is very strict with managing his own body. It doesn’t matter how good the snack tastes, he will only take one bite and that’s it. He is always smiling, enjoying every happy moment, and he can adjust himself really quickly to the relaxed state but he can always find the turning point to brighten up the atmosphere. He’s good at smoothing things over, the hyungs all believes in him. When he’s working, he would help the manager to keep an eye on the members’ pace, he would remind them of the procedures and he would even help out as an assistant. 

He always walks in the front of the line and be the last one to leave, so he is always the first and the last one to greet and express his gratitude. He is ingratiating in speech (good at sweet-talking), and good at taking cues from others. He is a very clever person.


This whole group is good-looking, but not all of them are aware of the fact that they are handsome guys. If one has to become the existence to protect the idol’s pride, that has got to be Jin. 

He is a very handsome guy, from head to toe. He has broad shoulders, small waist and long legs, he has a perfect body proportion. He is the out-and-out visual. He takes care of his image, but I’m not saying that he has an idol burden – because he happily takes big bites when comes to eating meat. 

It’s just that he has a standard when comes to being an ‘artist’, for example: the degree of his smile when he is smiling at the camera, the rate of his response when he’s holding the mic, the level of his politeness when he’s in front of us. He also gives off a sense of ‘an older brother’. When it gets out of control, he would grab the kid’s collar to have a small talk and give him a lesson.


COOL: BTS are known as idols with abilities. What was the most difficult thing for you guys when you’re on the stage and how did you overcome it?

SUGA: Actually, everyone is sincere towards every stage performance, so we’re under a lot of pressure. But since we’re all together, there’s no need to worry.

RAP MONSTER: When we debuted, we were more excited than being nervous. Then we gained more experiences, more ideas, and we wanted do better so we had to practice even harder. The members are doing well so I can set my mind at rest.

COOL: Until now, what was the most difficult song for you guys?

RAP MONSTER: Well, isn’t it ‘Danger’? (Looks at the members)

SUGA: Yes. Not only the song itself but the dance choreography is the most difficult out of all our songs (up until now).

J-HOPE: Even though we’re always live performing, but with this song’s stage, every time we are under the pressure of ‘if we carelessly makes a mistake then it will be a disaster’.

JIN: Because we really like this song so we cherish every stage and we try our best to perform.

J-HOPE: Wow, what you’ve just said was so cool.

COOL: BTS are also popular in China, did you feel any differences this time (coming to China)?

J-HOPE: Actually I was startled when we came here for the first time.

V: Wow! There were so many people!

RAP MONSTER: We’ve never officially promoted in China, but when we came here for the first time, there were so many fans welcoming us. I felt so touched. Then, we had a fan signing event, attended award ceremonies, so up until now this is our 4th time in China. I’m so happy to see there are more and more people supporting us.

SUGA: We also feel a bit flustered. Just thinking about our concert in China is coming up soon, we need to put in extra effort and practice harder, so that our fans will be happy.

COOL: During the promotions, have you ever heard the praise that you’ve always longed for?

SUGA: Of course it’s things like ‘you’re so good at singing’ it makes us feel more confident.

V: (raises both hands up) that’s right. Noona, what do you think of our singing?

COOL: Very good indeed (thumbs up, and the members cheers).

RAP MONSTER: Thank you. We will work harder.

COOL: BTS has a lot of noona fans, and they always call you guys ‘cute’. Compared to ‘cute’, which word would you prefer to be described as?

RAP MONSTER: (looking proudly) Sexy.
(Don’t know why all of a sudden they’re all looking at J-Hope)

J-HOPE: (in Chinese) Handsome guy.

COOL: Uh… So, can you say the Chinese phrase that you have learnt (the Chinese word that you’re most confident with) while promoting in China?

RAP MONSTER: ‘Huo guo’ – hotpot.

JUNGKOOK: ‘Kao ya’ – roast duck.

JIN: (with accurate tone and pronunciation) ‘Nin xin ku le’ – thank you for your hard work/ you’ve worked hard. (*He used ‘nin’ which is a honorific form for ‘you’.)

J-HOPE: ‘Xie xie’ – thank you.

SUGA: ‘Huo guo’ – hotpot.

JIMIN: ‘Me me da’ – mwah mwah (*kissing sounds)

V: ‘Meng meng da’ – so cute/ cutie.

COOL: Which Chinese (mainland singer’s) song that you are most good at singing?

RAP MONSTER: Speaking of Chinese songs, our maknae is very good at it

COOL: He sang Wang Lee Hom’s heart’s sun and moon on the press conference, right.

JUNGKOOK: (Blushes) Ah, it’s because I like it so I practiced a lot, I’m not that good at it.

SUGA: Everyone have their own favorite Chinese artist.
(All of a sudden, they’re shouting out Jay Chou, Super Junior-M, JJ Lin and etc.)

COOL: You guys have a busy schedule, what do you want to do the most right now?

(Everyone drifts off for one second)

V: To have a sleep! (in a very loud voice)

COOL: Ok, even though you guys have been to Singapore and L.A. but you went there to work, if you guys had a vacation (to spend together), where do you want to go the most?


JUNGKOOK: Shanghai.

JIN: Shanghai.

J-HOPE: Hawaii.

SUGA: Zhang Jia Jie, I went there when I was a kid and I want to go again.

JIMIN: Shanghai?

V: The! Great! Wall! Of China!

COOL: How do you guys release stress?

JIMIN: Of course by sleeping.

COOL: The most precious object is?

J-HOPE: I’m going to say something that everyone will agree… Money!

COOL: ……… Claps (gradually everyone starts to clap)

COOL: Do you have any hopes in terms of BTS’ development?

SUGA: We’ll let leader answer this question.

RAP MONSTER: Until now, everyone are all doing very well. I just hope that they can keep on doing well so that I don’t need to worry too much. Let’s look ahead and move forward together.

EVERYONE (in the state of an army): Yes!!

COOL: Do you guys have any particular expectations for the future activities in China?

RAP MONSTER: Well, our company is officially cooperating with the mainland company now, and our tour in China is coming up soon. So we hope that we will gain more fans in China through these activities. And we hope that more people will get to know BTS. We will work hard so that more people will be affected by BTS’ charisma, and we will try our best with every activity in China. Chinese ARMYs please look forward to it!

COOL: In the past, Jin was known for being shy. How did you come so far?

JIN: Uh… Being shy?

COOL: We have spoken with your trainee days’ dance teacher Lee Kyang Jin.

JIN: Oh… Well, because I had a desire for the stage and I wanted to see ‘how far I can actually get to’, so after adjusting myself, I feel a lot more suited for the stage.

COOL: From the best dancer in Mokpo (a city in South Jeolla Province) to now, an outstanding rapper. What kind of unimaginable efforts did you have to put in?

J-HOPE: You know… At the time, the company thought that I must change and I thought the same. I had no other ways except to practice. Looking back at it now, I’m glad that I didn’t give up. And that’s how I got here.

COOL: Suga couldn’t make it last time (BTS’ first performance in China), are you going to make up to it in the upcoming concert?

SUGA: It’s such a shame that I couldn’t meet our Chinese fans in the first moments. So from now on, I don’t want to miss any more activities in China, I don’t want to have any more regrets. So I will work 10 times harder, to make ARMYs (who has been waiting for me) happy.

COOL: In China, many Jimin-biased noona fans calls you ‘Jimin oppa’, what are your thoughts on that?

JIMIN: Hehehe, all of you are cuties, mwah mwah (in Chinese).

V: PIUPIU (in a shooting posture. *Note: I guess he’s shooting love to all noona fans haha what a cutie.)

COOL: At yesterday’s press conference, V, you performed a weird dance compilation as your personal talent, why did you do that?

V: Noona, don’t you think it was unique? That’s my charisma!

COOL: In BTS, who are the influential members (who has a lot of power) and who are the show offs?

RAP MONSTER, JIN & SUGA: (points at the maknae) influential? It’s this little brat.

JUNGKOOK: (at a loss, looking innocent) Huh? Me?

J-HOPE: Actually we all have to adjust our behaviors to his facial expression.

COOL: Leader, please say something to Bang PD and the company.

RAP MONSTER: BANG PD-nim, thank you for making BTS (Lit.: letting BTS appear). You worried and cared a lot about us and we won’t disappoint you. And letting us to have a concert in China, we will conquer the stage… You guys should say something too.

JUNGKOOK: I will work hard.

SUGA: I won’t let you down (Lit.: I will live up to the opportunity that you’ve given to me.)

JIMIN: Thank you for your hard work. I will do better.

JIN: You have went through a lot of troubles (for us), I will work harder.

J-HOPE: Please don’t worry (about us)!

COOL: Maknae, can you say something to your hyungs?

JUNGKOOK: (panics) Huh? Ah…. hyungs I will do my best.

RAP MONSTER: You little brat, you have already succeeded, so what do you mean by saying that?

JUNGKOOK: (panics even more) no it’s not like that, hyung.

SUGA: Tell us then, what are you dissatisfied about?

JIN: So he is dissatisfied?

JUNGKOOK: (about to cry) no I’m not… hyungs.

COOL: What was the member (on your right hand side) like two years ago?

RAP MONSTER: Maknae ah, he wasn’t this handsome but he was already really clever.

JUNGKOOK: Jin hyung, he didn’t like to talk, and he makes delicious food.

JIN: The member on my right hand side… J-Hope, he was a bit more lively two years ago.

J-HOPE: Suga ah, he wasn’t that good at talking two years ago.

SUGA: (in a bad mood tone) It’s all because of you little brats… Oh, Jimin, he hasn’t changed much, I think he was a bit more tender (*Note: meaning he was soft, gentle, cute, innocent etc.) two years ago, but he has always been kind-hearted.

JIMIN: (hugs Suga doing aegyo) Taehyung? Two years ago? (Stares into space and shakes head) Maybe cu… cute?

V: Our leader was already very reliable two years ago.

RAP MONSTER: Can you say it without laughing, this is a serious question!

COOL: Who is the king of sharp tongue?

Everyone: Suga.

JIMIN: You can displease/ mess with anyone but not Suga hyung, he will make you docile and obedient.

JIN: At important times, Suga’s criticizing works quite well. In other words, he’s a reliable, smart person (good at deep thinking).

COOL: If you’re going to live on a deserted island, which member will you go with?


RAP MONSTER: Suga, even if you send him off to Mars, he would still live a good life.

JIMIN: Suga hyung is really good at taking care of himself, if I was going to a deserted island, no matter what, I will shamelessly tag along hyung so I can survive.

V & JUNGKOOK: That’s right. Hyung please take me!

COOL: Who is the king of aegyo?


J-HOPE: I think everyone agrees on this, I mean just look at his face.

V: PIUPIU. (Shoots again)

COOL: Who is the biggest eater?


JIN: Although it’s kind of embarrassing but I do eat a lot.

JIMIN: And he doesn’t get fat.

COOL: There’s an old saying in Chinese called ‘能者能劳 – the able ones should do more work’. It’s because Jin’s cooking is good so his food eating capacity is also…

JIN: Anyways, thank you.

COOL: Who is the most pure and innocent member in BTS?

EVERYONE: (points to) Rap Monster.

SUGA: Leader sure is innocent or shall I say he doesn’t care about these things?

COOL: The member that likes to overexert himself?


J-HOPE: Instead of saying that he’s over exerting, he’s stubborn.

COOL: Who has the biggest mood swings?


SUGA: He is so annoying (all day long), but we will never get bored because of him, it’s just that I always get a headache.

J-HOPE: He’s beyond our control (he wouldn’t listen to us).

V: (starts attacking like a bee colony) What about you hyung huh? Are you not loud hyung?!

COOL: Who is the mood maker?


COOL: I’ve noticed that during the photoshoot.

JIMIN: We can have fun just playing among ourselves but J-Hope’s existence makes us all happy.

COOL: Who strictly manages his own image?


RAP MONSTER: Everywhere he goes, he has to be fashionable. You have no idea how many times he changes just for one day’s schedule.

V: (blinks innocently)

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