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ARMY, we need your help!

(UPDATE! Deadline removed. See more information about this and “Speak Yourself, Thank You, BTS” – the Book  further down!)  We at want to celebrate BTS and ARMY’s 2018 success with a global project we call: Speak Yourself. Thank you, BTS! 2018 has been a very successful year for Bangtan boys and their ARMY. We have watched the boys snatch trophies, Mic Drop becoming Platinum certified, “Burn the Stage” the movie breaking records, BTS becoming ambassadors of Hyundai’s SUV Palisade among much more. The excitement this all bring, however, isn’t what makes us follow them so wholeheartedly. BTS have a special way of touching peoples hearts and changing lives and there are many touching stories out there. People finding their passion, going back to school and everywhere their message to always love ourselves echoes amongst the heart of every fan, making us stronger, believing in ourselves. The end of another era is here and once again BTS has provided us with a roller coaster and shown us that they remain the kind and humble boys they have always been. Always showing us their gratitude.

#SpeakYourself #ThankYouBTS

We, at, started this site because we wanted to give back to BTS and the community. Since becoming ARMY we have grown so much. All of us with a unique story about our bond to Bangtan Boys, and with the end of an era, we decided that we wanted to do something special. We are now asking ARMY’s everywhere to help with our project: Speak Yourself. Thank you, BTS!
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What’s it about?


This part of the project is where we ask you, our fellow ARMY’s to share your story about your connection with BTS and what it has done for you. Please write us an e-mail or DM us on social media (see more info below), it’s of course completely up to you if you want your name featured. You can also choose to stay anonymous. After your stories have been received and reviewed we will then feature them in our posts. We think this will be a beautiful way, not only to show Bangtan Boys what they mean to us but also for us ARMY’s to connect and grow even closer!


Bangtan Boys are now a global phenomenon so we thought that it would be really cool with us ARMY sending our thanks back to the boys and in all of our own languages. For this, we ask you to send in a video to us were you alone, or with fellow ARMY’s in your country or area, say “Thank you, BTS!”.This will then be reviewed and put in different country posts and later uploaded on This is not only a nice way of showing our thanks but a pretty cool way to learn how to say “Thank you!” in all languages!

“Speak Yourself, Thank you BTS” – The Book

A lot of touching and beautiful stories have been received and tears have been shed! We were thinking and decided that more than sharing your stories with our fellow ARMY’s, we want to try everything we can to get them to the boys. Our idea is to create a physical book filled with all of your stories and then send this to BigHit and the boys by mail. We will also create an e-book that will be available for free here at! See more information about the main post featuring your stories here!


Due to the new part of the project as well as the e-book we will create with your stories we have decided to remove the deadline for now so that we can fill the Book with even more of your stories! This means that you’re still able to send us your stories and videos for a while longer. We will keep gather stories for a while longer and then let you know as soon as a deadline will be set.

Where and how do I send it?

In your message/subject in the e-mail, please write “Speak Yourself. Thank You, BTS!” along with your country. Please write your story about your bond to BTS and attach your video. However, if you don’t wish to add a video with you saying thank you, BTS, you, of course, don’t have to and vice versa. Please also mention if you would like your name or nickname added. If you wish to be anonymous simply let us know this in the message. You can send it to us by e-mail: In addition to e-mail, you can also send it by Direct Message on our social media: Twitter: @online_bangtan Instagram: Bangtan.Online

We are one!

Together we can make this happen! Please help us make this an amazing end-of-year project. Let’s join forces to celebrate and thank our amazing BTS and ARMY in togetherness! Fighting everybody!

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