THE PURPOSE was created by two fans who love both BTS (방탄소년단), the currently biggest boy group in the world, and the ARMY-fandom. Our purpose is to bring all the latest news and updates about the group to the international fans aka iARMYs

We wanted to create a place where fans can find everything they need about their idols, from bios and facts, to tour dates, discography, schedules and much more. 

A place where they can have fun by doing quizzes, polls, interacting with each other and even submit their own stories. 

All of this wouldn’t be possible without our great team of admins and authors, and of course without you, our readers



Name: Jelena

Role: Admin/Author

Age: 84-Line

From: Macedonia

Interests: Music, Tv and Movies, Books, Drawing/Painting

ARMY Since: May 2018

Bias: Park Jimin and Min Yoongi (Yes, I’m double biased. What about it?!)

Bias wrecker: Depends on the day


How I became an ARMY: I saw BTS’ Billboard Music Awards Performance on Facebook and started watching other performances, interviews, music videos and before I knew it – I was an ARMY.

How BTS helped me: BTS has taught me that sometimes I need to put myself first. After 8 years of being fully dedicated to my kids I finally decided to do something for myself and went to see them live in another country. Alone. They also motivate me to work harder and achieve more in life. Their humbleness brings back my fate in humanity.


Name: Fel

Role: Admin/Author

Age: 93-Line

From: Sweden but I live in Malta

Interests: Music, Singing, Video Games, Anime and more

ARMY Since: September 2018

Bias: Kim Taehung

Bias wrecker: Min Yoongi


How I became an ARMY: My friend, Jelena, introduced me to BTS earlier but it took me some time to really sit down and listen. Save me and then singularity left me in awe and I’ve been hooked ever since. Even though it’s not so long I can’t even remember how life was before I became an ARMY!


How BTS helped me: They have saved me (No pn ‘everything is possible’ is back, which in turn is making me do and see more as well as being way more positive. I want to raise my daughter with these beliefs. To not judge, not hate but, to love yourself, to be humble and caring.