The idea behind making was to bring all the latest news and updates about the currently biggest boy band in the world – BTS to the international fans aka iARMYs. We wanted to create a place where they can find everything they need about their idols, from bios and facts, to tour dates, discography, schedule and much more. A place where they can have fun by doing quizzes, polls, interacting with each other and even submit their own stories. All of this wouldn’t be possible without our great team of admins and authors and of course without you, our readers.


Name: Jelena
Position: Admin/Author
Age: 34
ARMY for: 8 months (May 2018)
Bias: Jimin
Bias wrecker: Min Yoongi
From: Macedonia
Interests: Music, tv and movies, books, drawing/painting

How I became an ARMY: I saw BTS’s Billboard Music Awards Performance on Facebook and started watching other performances, interviews, music videos… Became an ARMY right away
How BTS helped me: BTS has taught me that sometimes i need to put myself first. After 8 years of being fully dedicated to my kids i finally decided to do something for myself and went to see them live in another country. Alone. They also motivate me to work harder and achieve more in life. Their humbleness brings back my fate in humanity.


Name: Felicia
Position: Admin/Author
Age: 25
ARMY for: 4 months (September 2018)
Bias: V, Tae-Hyung
Bias wrecker: Jungkook (but even thinking about order gives me anxiety)
From: Sweden living in Malta
Interests: Music, singing, video games, anime and much more

How I became and ARMY: My friend, Jelena, introduced me to BTS earlier but it took me some time to really sit down and listen. Save me and then singularity left me in awe and I’ve been hooked ever since. Even though it’s not so long I can’t even remember how life was before I became an ARMY!
How BTS helped me: They have saved me. In only this short period of time they have done incredibly much for me. I’m starting to love and accept myself more than I ever have before. I feel my passion for life and everything burning strong again thanks to the boys. Something else that I’m so grateful for is that my curiosity and belief in ‘everything is possible’ is back, which in turn is making me do and see more as well as being way more positive. I want to raise my daughter with these believes. To not judge, not hate but, to love herself, to be humble and caring.


Name: Lila
Position: Author / Co admin of Amino
Age: 16
ARMY for: 4 years
Bias: Rap line
Bias wrecker: Vocal line
From: USA live in Sweden
Interests: Art, Books, Asian Dramas, Music, Food, Travel.

How I became and ARMY: I watched a Korean drama called You’re beautiful, it’s about a Kpop group. Then I searched K-pop and found No more dream. The rest is history.
How BTS helped me: BTS has helped me is so many ways I don’t even know where to begin. They have gotten me through these part 4 years and they are the reason I am here today. I am who I am Because of them. They saved me through all my hard times. Being bullied, hating myself, not liking who I was or how I looked. They helped me become me. I am here today as me because of them.


Name: call me Toast
Position: Author
Age: 34
ARMY for: Maknae line
Bias: Hyung line
Bias wrecker: Jin
From: Texas, USA
Interests: BTS, Kdrama, DIY, writing fiction, hanging out with my friends or family.

How I became and ARMY: I saw the MV for Dope and thought it was dope. It wasn’t until later that I heard the wings album I started listening more and then Dna had me hooked as an Army. Have since seen them live 1 time, watched them live on the V app, and tried to figure out the daum fan cafe.
How BTS helped me: Their Love yourself series helped me teach my kids to not listen to others, that as long as you love yourself no one can change that. It’s also helped our family learn more about S. Korea. Their interest in Kpop didn’t stop their it broadened their scope of music and movies from all over. Personally it’s opened us up to trying different foods.


Name: Andrea
Position: Author
Age: 24
ARMY for: 5 months (August 2018)
Bias: Taehyung
Bias wrecker: Jimin..J-Hope..Suga
From: California, USA
Interests: Music, Makeup, Photography, Online Marketing, Digital Design

How I became an ARMY: Saw a friend post about BTS multiple times on Instagram. Decided to look them up and ended up binge watching music videos that night. Fake love was my first song. First bias was Suga but learned I relate more to V.
How BTS has helped me: Christmas 2017 my grandma that raised me had a stroke that created vascular dementia. Being her caretaker I became extremely depressed. Lost interested in all of my hobbies. Found BTS and they literally saved me.


Name: Winter Echo
Position: Author
Age: 25
ARMY for: 1.3 years
Bias: Taehyung
Bias wrecker: Suga and Jungkook
From: Massachusetts, USA
Interests: Writer. I have a book published and several others in the works. I also love to draw, watch k drama, and pet cats. I have three. They’re pretty dope.

How I became an ARMY: I loved watching K drama and my cousin said if I liked that kind of thing I should look into k pop, specifically BTS. She was right. Blood Sweat and Tears was my first song. Then Serendipity. DNA. Then, next thing I know, it’s been a little over a year and I honestly don’t know how that happened.
How BTS has helped me: I felt stuck. Music has always been a big part of my life. I need it for almost everything I do. I have a Playlist for my books that I play to help me write. It’s been a long time since I’ve found music that’s moved me or made me feel anything in any sort of way. When I found BTS, I realized that my depression and anxiety were stemming from a lack of music that understood me and spoke to who I was. BTS and their lyrics spoke to me on a personal level and outside of that, their stories were very moving. They started from nothing, were stepped on for years, worked long hours and pushed themselves to the absolute limit to achieve their dreams. It’s an inspiring story. They make me feel like it’s okay that I’m no one right now. It’s okay that I’m the under dog. I just need to keep trying. Harder and harder. Keep sight of my dream and have faith in myself and I’ll be able to do anything. They help me keep going when it’s hard. Outside of the band itself, ARMY has become very important to me. I’ve met people and felt comfortable and able to be myself around people who share the same passion for BTS as I do and often find that they share similar stories to me, and it’s because of BTS that I was able to meet these people and I’ll always be forever grateful to them for that


Name: Sami
Position: Author
Age: 30
ARMY for: 4 months (September 2018)
Bias: Yoongi
Bias wrecker: Jimin and J-Hope
From: Huntington, WV
Interests: I’m a musician, guitar player, singer/songwriter. I love reading, especially fiction series like The Mortal Instruments, Throne of Glass, etc. and Colleen Hoover is my favorite author. I’ve written a few fan fics just for fun (Life Unexpected, Pretty Little Liars) and I have half a novel in its first draft.

How I became an ARMY: I was watching vocal technique videos (Sam Johnson & Tristan Paredes are to blame for my BTS obsession). They were critiquing the guys and the first video I saw was “Hold Me Tight” live. From there I fell down the rabbit hole.
How BTS has helped me: I was having a tough time with PMDD and anxiety. My counselor suggested I find something that was just for me (I know now that she just mean a hobby!). Their Love Myself/Yourself message has literally saved my life. I even incorporated their music into my morning yoga/meditation. I am so thankful for ARMY and how welcoming everyone has been. I feel like BTS and ARMY were introduced to me at a time when I really needed it. And I hope that I can help spread their messages to others in similar situations.


Name: Emily
Position: Author
Age: 25
ARMY for: 1.5 years
Bias: Yoongi
Bias wrecker: Hobi & Jungkook
From: Az, USA
Interests: Animation, film, tv, music, musical theater, KPop & Kdramas ?

How I became an ARMY: My husband was adopted from Korea so i started listening to KPop/watching kdramas to help me learn the language. Found BTS on a Spotify playlist and was IMMEDIATELY hooked!!
How BTS has helped me: I’ve always been a creative person. As a Pisces, I guess it runs in my blood. My childhood took place in a theater, performing shows, dancing, singing in a choir, and playing some kind of musical instrument. That tradition continued throughout my teenage and young adult years. However, as we all come to learn, being an adult means less time doing the things you love. As I’ve gotten older I’ve struggled to find a balance between my creative and professional side. There was a growing cloud of doubt in my head of “Why bother?” BTS inspired me to continue reaching towards my dreams and creative passions, regardless of what society tells us in the norm. I never graduated from college and some family still gives me flack for it, but I’m paving my own way. “Do You”, “So Far Away”, and “Sea” have definitely become anthems for me. As I long for and search for my dreams in a world which tells you to stay the course, I also strive to live, be, and love myself. BTS has helped me to love myself, to own my accomplishments, to own up to my mistakes, to not be afraid to laugh at myself, to take chances, to expand my horizons, and to look further than what lies tomorrow. I couldn’t thank these seven men enough. ?