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ARMY in Peru adopt Alpaca for Jin’s birthday

ARMY in Peru celebrated the LeJINdary Birthday by Adopting an Alpaca and naming it RJ!

The 4th of December was Jins 26th birthday!

Many ARMY all around the world celebrated this special day with different fan projects! ARMY in Peru celebrated the Birthday in a truly leJINdary way!

They Adopted a baby Alpaca Under Kim SeokJins name!

And they didn’t give it just any ordinary name. The baby Alpaca is named after BT21 member RJ, who is Jin’s character. RJ is kind and polite, being the cutest while mumbling. He wears a parka because he gets cold easily.

It is defiantly a great name for such an adorable animal! Peruvian ARMY truly have thought of everything when planning this project!

In addition to adopting the Alpaca, they also donated to COOPAALSUR. A charity that raises newborn alpaca who suffer winter in Cusco. Winters are very cold there and Alpacas are born November to February, so they often suffer from sickness due to the cold temperature.

The fans donated warm coats for the babies under Jin’s name!

Army are amazing and work hard doing charity under BTS and Members names!

They find special ways to celebrate the members and all they have done!

Our fandom is truly one of a kind!

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