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ARMY is Celebrating Agust D’s 3rd Anniversary, Patiently Waiting for Min Yoongi’s Next Masterpiece!

We love Suga’s alter-ego Agust D and ARMY is loving on him a little more, since the calender’s turn to August.  It’s been a slow, quiet rumble beginning with the play on words in tweets simply, “Ya’ll it’s A to the G to the U to the STD”.  Now, since the guys are on break the rumor mill has been churning as well, with only a handful of tweets trying to wind ARMY up for Suga’s sophomore release. WHEN?!  I get jittery just thinking about what it would sound like. That would be a lot to handle in the BTS World era and I have yet to clear a decent amount of levels and I lose it every time watching Suga’s story unfold in the little vignettes.  

I admit a second release would be king.  I try to ignore rumors and theories as I’m the furthest from Sleuth Army status, but this one I secretly have  been watching and speculating on. Agust D is a release that came to truth-tell at us. It grabbed my throat, it made me laugh with the acid spat at haters, but it also hugged and understood the mental “weaknesses” that we all have and to this day many of us aren’t free to admit without reprisal or judgment. 

The main reason I’m anxious for a second release is that Suga has done so much work with other artists that it’s impossible not to wonder after 80+ songs written and composed (Wiki) where else will he take us, to sit us down to tell more of what’s what.  Will it be the poignant loungy feel he produced for Epik High’s “Eternal Sunshine”?

Or will there be more of some of the usual trappings and rap genre tropes like self-aggrandizing, the drink and fame…firey phoenix rising from the flames of haters kind of stuff.    I say one of everything on the menu please, extra toppings.  
What’s to watch for now are the tweets coming in under #agustd_3rd_anniversary Daegu is recognizing their prince with billboards

ARMY is celebrating by trying to increase YT MV views to 100M.  Currently AgustD is at 73M and Give It To Me is at 32M.  Lofty goal to reach by the Ep’s release date of August 16.  I don’t know if we’ll make it but in the meantime, adding to one tweet that we give something back to the members, I’ll add that BTS on the whole is out there saving people.  I figure the least we could do it take Agust D for a few spins, at the very least to make us feel like the badasses that we are. HEY. If you haven’t listened in a while do yourself a favor and grab some earbuds now! 

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Written by Kelly Rowland

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