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ARMY misses BTS on Twitter so They Make a “BTS as Apples” Thread

Twitter Army has a hilarous way of showing how much they miss BTS when the boys haven’t tweeted in days

Twitter Army misses BTS!

The boys haven’t tweeted in days, so fans of twitter are making all kind of threads to keep the boredom away. One fan even made a “BTS as apples” thread, matching each member with a “suitable” apple variety. Take a look at the fun comparison and tell us which is your favorite apple variety?

Namjoon as Honeycrisp

Hoseok as Ambrosia

Taehyung as Red delicious

Seokjin as Gala

Jimin as Fuji apple

Jungkook as Golden delicious

Yoongi as Mcintosh red

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Written by Jelena

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