Bangtan Online: Speak Yourself. Thank you, BTS!

We are so excited to finally bring you the post with all the stories we have received for the project: Speak Yourself. Thank you, BTS!

Before we start, we at just want to thank you for being so trusting and brave, sharing all of your stories with us. We also want to thank you for all the amazing feedback and response that this project has gotten.

We will update this post with new stories as we go, so if you don’t see your submitted story up straight away don’t worry!
(If you want to submit your story you can see more information about that here!)

The stories are shown as letters. Press the pictures to open them and read our fellow ARMY’s insfiring stories!

Never stop to speak yourself!

⚠️Warning: Please note that some of these stories are heavy and might be triggers for some. A “⚠️” will be shown before the stories that are a bit heavier than the others.

Let’s get started!

Chan – France

Nati – Germany

⚠️ The Butterfly – Philipines

Ems – New Zealand

⚠️ Cheryl – United States

Mari – Poland

Alice – Mauritius

Cute Satan – Lithuania

Anissa – France

Hanna – Germany

Nellie – Japan

Bedache Morgane – Reunion Island

Agathe – France

⚠️ Cat – The United Kingdom

Emma Huan – France

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