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Big Hit Entertainment Trademarks “BTS” and “ARMY”

The company protects not only the band’s international name but also the name of their fandom

According to Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS), Big Hit Entertainment applied for the trademark status for the band’s name “BTS” as well as the fan fan base name “ARMY” on July 11 and has recently passed the needed screening. The well known trapezoid logo of the band is also trademarked by the company along the band’s Korean name “Bangtan” and “Bangtan Boyz” which were trademarked back in 2012.

This was a necessary step by the company as the band becomes more and more famous and successful all around the world. Trademarking a fan club name, however, isn’t a very common decision by companies, but with the force that BTS ARMY is, we totally understand BigHit’s wish to protect it.

With their win of the ‘Top Social Artist’ award at The Billboard Music Awards in 2017, BTS has started their global domination, with ARMY being the driving force behind their popularity. The band has been officially named Twitter’s most tweeted about celebrity for the last two years which only confirms the power of their fandom. 

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