BTS 2019 Fan Mail Address!!

Big Hit released the new fan mail address for 2019! So ARMYs go grab a pen and paper be creative and write your hearts out to the boys!!!

Please note : Don’t send any kind of gifts, CDs, USB, etc. as they will be rejected. Only letters sent in standard size envelopes are accepted.

Updated By BTS Staff on Official Fan Café!

Korean Ver.:

방탄소년단(BTS) ㅇㅇㅇ
서울특별시 동대문구 왕산로 4 동화빌딩 201호 로앤스 사서함 #1062
우편번호: 02582

English ver.:

TO.BTS ㅇㅇㅇ

P.O BOX #1062
Loans Rm 201, Donghwa Bldg ,
4 Wangsan-ro, Dongdaemun-gu,
Seoul, South Korea

ZIP: 02582
TEL: +82) 02-3444-0105

* Please note that the address above is provided for mailing fan letters, please do not visit.

*The company is a place where BigHit Entertainment employees work. Therefore, fan visits are strictly forbidden.

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  1. Serait-il possible d’avoir l’adresse mail ? A chaque fois que je cherche ça me donne des informations sur l’adresse réelle et non virtuelle. Je voudrais envoyer un mail, pas une lettre.

    • Hello BTS! my Name is Raina i live in minnesota and im 13, my bias is jungkook i love him so much he is my heart I really hope you have a concert in minnesota PLEASE DO i love you guys soooo much i hope we can meet some day! love you!

  2. Greetings from Croatia.

    I am the mother of a thirteen-year-old girl who loves BTS, especially Jimin. (she does`nt know how that I write to you).
    Ingrid (my daughter) has birthday 01.06. and I wonder if there is a chance to get autographs from BTS guys.
    Thank you very much for your help and lots of kisses from beautiful Croatia.

    Mom Lorena

  3. Dear rm I wanted to write you bc I need to ask you something I really really like jungkook he is just so cute and funny and amazing and I really want to be with him like he has my heart and everything and I think that your music is just so amazing and has gotten me through a lot of things and seeing you guys was just so amazing you guys work so hard and I’m so proud of you all and my best friend like love you so much we have been through alot together and she is so beautiful and amazing and I want her to be happy and I think that she will be a good fit for you and everything we really want to meet you guys so badly but we are both Broke and can’t really afford to meet you and we really really want too so pleace please write me back thank you for your time. Carson.

    • Hello from Greece!
      I would like to tell you that you are so amazing and talented. Apart from that, you have many ARMYS in greece you know so we want you to come to ATHENS GREECE and do a concert!!

      • Happy advance B-Day v lots of love from India I hope you will enjoy to the fullest on your B-Day I wish you good luck and all the best for your success I’m your biggest fan Kim taehyung I hope your hyungs are doing well

  4. I’m a mother of a 20 year old daughter that Loves BTS and she seen them 3 times in Concert The last Time Was At MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and She would like to meet the guys but would settle for a Autograph picture of the guys Thanks

    • I am lhachick from India and I am 13 years old and I love bts not just because of their looks and voice but they gave me hope and encouraged me in perusing my dreams for singing my bias are v and junkook

      • Their names are RM jin jimin J Hope suga jungkook and V.
        For a living they sing dance and perform.
        They are all in their 20s junkook being the youngest, jimin and V being the same age and the youngest after jungkook, Jin being the oldest, RM being the 2nd oldest then suga, then J Hope.
        I love LOVE LOVE LOVE BTS!!!!!
        I hope to see them at a concert but the tickets are SO hard to get cause they sell out so fast.
        I am a really BTS fan and I will be forever!

  5. Hello I am father of two daughters age 14 & 8 who are madly crazy over BTS and has even made me their fan because 90% of our tv or YouTube time is spent on BTS songs news and what not. My accounts if YouTube have turned into Korean.
    I will be grateful if you could send them a hello from your end

  6. Hi RM,

    I am the birthday king of pop Powerline! You guys inspired me so much ever since you won the very first ever BBMA while I graduated from high school in 2017! You taught me everything how to be respectful at all times to those who aren’t very well-behaved and also to love myself, protect myself, and the very important part of all… Say My Name and Speak Yourself! I have a bunch of your albums on my Apple Music, alot of BT21 clothes and accessories for boys, and everybody’s favorite the ARMY Bomb!!! Even though that I am from the U.S.A. born in Natchez, Mississippi and becoming a Floridian, thanks to Duolingo, I can practice singing and rapping in Korean exactly like when you start English while binge-watching one of the most popular 90’s TV shows of all time. You know over the years, you guys made alot of celeb ARMYs all around the world from Camilia Cabello to Halsey and that made me want to pop out a question. “May I be your celeb BFF and have the best time ever as your next collaborator and a proud celeb ARMY?”

    See Ya Real Soon,

  7. On the official bts page, they gave the mailing address. At least, the old one, last time I checked. Do you think they will just add the new address there? 💜

  8. It’s such a bummer that they don’t take gifts anymore. I can see why though. I bet it was just too much. They would need a mansion for all of the stuff they receive from fans. I really had a neat idea for Yoongi 🙁

  9. 친애하는 Bts, 나는 브라질 출신이고, 나는 브라질에있는 이곳 콘서트에 가고 싶었다. 그러나 불행하게도 나는 갈 수 없었다. 나는 너를 아주 사랑해. 나는 한국어를 할 줄 모르지만 나는 한국어 통역 kkk에 있습니다. 짜증과 진, 그것은 2020 년에 bts를 떠날 것인가?
    나는 너를 너무 사랑해, 너의 A.R.M.Y Julia의 큰 키스.
    chin-aehaneun Bts, naneun beulajil chulsin-igo, naneun beulajil-eissneun igos konseoteue gago sip-eossda. geuleona bulhaenghagedo naneun gal su eobs-eossda. naneun neoleul aju salanghae. naneun hangug-eoleul hal jul moleujiman naneun hangug-eo tong-yeog kkke issseubnida. jjajeung-gwa jin, geugeos-eun 2020 nyeon-e btsleul tteonal geos-inga?
    naneun neoleul neomu salanghae, neoui A.R.M.Y Juliaui keun kiseu

    • Hello bts, I am sayma from India. I am 19 years old and a huge fan of yours.I never have been at any concert because I can’t afford it. You all have a very big influence on my life, you are my strength. Love you all. I really hope that this will reach you one day but ya it would be great if I could send you a letter. Live well bts, ARMY is supporting you💞💞

    • I am also from Pakistan and a super fan of BTS 💜 .And I also really want them to come Pakistan .I will write a letter to them soon hope soo they would visit Pakistan in near future😍 #btsvisitPakistan

  10. I just wrote my letter I’m going to post it in a bit I want to see BTS in concert I love BTS because they are inspirational to me and amazing jimin , jungkook, suga, jhope,v,Jin rap monster I love you very much xxxxx ❤️ your in my heart forever . # army’s forever p.s. I wanna visit Korea or live their when I’m 20 I’m only 15

  11. hi BTS im Ara im 12 i know you dont like The country that i born there😔i dont like it too im from iran Kurdistan and i lovee you i realy want to see this I don’t care where when just I wish that you going to see this comment this was my birthday wish to I hope it will be come true and my biase is RM i lovee you rm i hope One day I’m going to see you i like your sound your cute you are tall and I love your face after rm I love j hope i love jj you are cute and brave and then jin and v i love you Princess Jin and TaTa and jungkook i love you koki andd suga and jimin jimin you are cute snd sugayou to.i loveeee you BTS .kim najoon remember that my phone wallpaper is your pic and all of my room is BTS pic i love😭😭❤️

  12. BTS its me Ara im12 why not come to iran i realy want to see you this is my wish😭😍❤️this is for RM:hi RM i love you you are my everything my lifeee im serious when I went to sleep i hug my pillow and I think my pillow is RM but i cantt because its not you its my pillow😭i love you are my biase andlife i hope you’re going to see this one day ❤️

  13. im ara and i have question oh I forgot to tell you i know your dance and if i can i will post to you.1:why dont come to the iran if you come come to my home my room is full of your pic 2:RM can we be friend like a army and BTS member?and I want to say:to day i go to my kid Family house and i say i love RM and one of them want to make me angry he say eww i hate him i say whattt did you say😡he say he is ugly isay say sorry😡he say noo and then i pic on my charger and i say if you dont i’m gonna hit you (i was kiding just want to scared them)then he say noo **and he make me angry then i hit him with charger and he cryyyyy and then he follow me i go to the restroom abd hid because he want to hate me (i think he wanted to kill me😂) he cry and scream and his mom and dad catch him and then i go Home safely 😂😂 this was not a joke RM❤️❤️

    • I’m a mother of a 26 old girl she has fallen in love with jungkook and loves others to we live in small town in england, called Bedlington Northumberland, she would love pictures of jungkook or anything, my daughter would like to no if your coming to Newcastle any time in concert she would tickets to see yous but we live to far away she loves your mucicxxx.

  14. I love BTS so much they are just too amazing and especially jin i love him so much, but i love all of of the other BTS members as much as i love jin. I have never been to a BTS concert because i cant afford it😔. But, i dont care cause i can still listen to their beautiful music💜💜💜

  15. Hello bts, I am sayma from India. I am 19 years old and a huge fan of yours.I never have been at any concert because I can’t afford it. You all have a very big influence on my life, you are my strength. Love you all. I really hope that this will reach you one day but ya it would be great if I could send you a letter. Live well bts, ARMY is supporting you💞💞

  16. Hello idk if BTS see this or not but i love you guys. Your my inspiration,my hope.Im only 13 so ofcourse i sadly cant afford a concert…Some think im wierd because i like you guys but im happy knowing you all.All though you are all my favorites V is my bias. you all also teach that it does’nt matter what you look like,the color of your skin.We are loved.If i could have one wish for my next birthday it would be to live with you guys forever.Or atleast spend 24 Hours with you.Im even learning Korean for You. I LOVE YOU BTS.

  17. Hi my name is elino and ilove bts too much and I’m writing this letter to SUGA and JIN they are so cute and sweet and my friend love s JIMIN and V a lot but I like all of them I am sorry if my English is not good 💕💕I purple you💜

  18. Hello BTS I am from India kids I don’t know how to tell you I never know about you but I have 2 daughters and they both always talking about BTS I Cant understand how old you gays are does matter but my both daughters are your fan in India can you plz reply me on my I’d coz one of my daughter have Birthday on coming week

  19. Bts me and most armys of nz would really love for you to come to our contury . Their are army’s here that love bts and would love for you to come. All of you light nz with your great singing and how you all are like a whanau. Plz come we NZ would love to have you here.
    From a nz army

  20. Hi bts
    i would love to win tickets i want to see you guys.
    I don’t have an email please call at 812-796-1055

    I know u maybe can’t call but please i don’t have an email and im a really big fan.

  21. Hi my name is Rumaanah P and just became a recent fan . The only one i like is Jungkook and i would love to meet him 1 day i put him on my wallpaper,lockscreen,whatsapp propic , instagram u name it
    I make a huge request to meet him

  22. Greetings. Tomorrow is my daughter, Reagan, birthday. She will be 16! We have, well I have purchased every album and she has over 3000 photo cards. We have traveled across the USA to see you in concert.
    During her birthday party we will be watching your concert in Seoul, that’s all she really wanted.
    Not sure this would get to you in time, but maybe a shout out for Happy Birthday sometime during the concert. Thanks guys!
    One proud Dad.

  23. Hello,
    My name is Emily and I just wanted to say, that I love suga so much I’m in love with the sound of his voice it’s soothing and calming to me. I wish there was a way to express my love but it’s not possible to do that. I love his sarcasm and basically everything, but i also wanted to thank BTS for getting me through hard times in my life and showing me to love myself. J-hope me makes me smile he is a burning sun and his smile is contagious, Jin’s dad jokes are THE BEST i cant help but laugh till my ribs hurt, Rm makes me feel as if anything is possible and nothing is impossible, Jimin is the cutest, smallest little cutie ever my face just get so red and I can’t help but hide, Jungkook makes me feel loved 24/7 and almost as if I’m never alone even if I feel like it, V he taught me that it’s important to always be myself, and that’s just what I’m going to do.
    BTS I purple you 💜
    You’ve made the sadness and depression in my life leave.
    I hope ARMY does the same for all of you and no matter what I’ll always be wearing my number 1 hoodie. Even if I get made fun of, even if all my friends leave me because I like BTS and other k-pop groups that won’t stop me.
    I’ll take the bullying, I’ll take the name callings, but what i won’t take is insults to BTS

  24. Hi my name is Emily I am from the USA I am a fan of BTS I recently introduced my daughter to BTS her bias is jimin this past week she was put into children’s hospital with brain injuries and his phone undergone several tests we are presently still in the hospital seeking answers and would love to surprise love from Jimin her 8th Birthday was Monday and she spent it in the hospital as a mom it breaks my heart but your songs encourage her and I told her about the stories that didn’t struggle with weight she has been telling me she was picked on because of her weight having her love herself as she is the light of our life her name is Sarah Hooks

    • Hi I´m Jerrika and i am from USA I am a BTS fan, and my bias is Rm, because I think he is a wonderful and amazing rapper, and love his dimples and smile. And J-hope a good sense of humor that makes me laugh every time , V is adorable with his smile. And your songs is very relaxing and energetic, and I wanted to say yall hard work an making songs, and did a wonderful job, and god bless yall, and happy New years


  25. Happy advance B-Day v lots of love from India I hope you will enjoy to the fullest on your B-Day I wish you good luck and all the best for your success I’m your biggest fan Kim taehyung I hope your hyungs are doing well

  26. Hi, my name is Jerrika and I am from USA, and is a fan. My bias is Rm , because I loved the way he smiles and raps. Others thinks about BTS is that they all have sense of humors that I love so much, and their cute adorable smiles. Love you BTS and your songs.


  27. Hi , my name is Avni and I am from India . I’ve started to live bts songs like hell. When I wake up, i need a song .when i sleep i listen to every song and then sleep though, it takes me 1 hour to listen to them all . When I take a break between studies, I dance on bts music . When i eat , i need bts performance in front of me . When I go to school , I always talk about bts
    The problem here is you guys are not comming to Delhi, India. I want to see your live performance and meet you people and. Guess what I am increasing the army in my area and I’ve influenced around 10 people in 1 month. So theres a lot of scope you people can come to India. 😊 and please do meet me 😊



  29. I am Gaurav Khanna , father of a 13 year old daughter “Shreya “ , who I believe is amongst the millions , one of your most ardent fans.
    . Every day while dropping her to school and during all our outings it’s your songs that we play on the loop and I must admit that I also have become a huge fan. Playing the songs brings an instant smile on her face and cheers her up and I would like to say a “Big Thank You” for that .

    I am sure that your are aware that BTS enjoys a huge fan following in India especially in the Urban young generation and on behalf of all the fans I would like to extend an invitation to you to plan a concert tour of India and give all of us a chance to see you perform live .

    My daughter has many times expressed a wish to see you perform and although say it but its one of her dreams . I as a father would like to fulfil her dream and if you can extend an invite to her for one of your shows in Asia I would be eternally grateful

    Also , if you can send an acknowledge greeting to her from your Fan page or through an email – it would surely make her day

    Looking forward to hear from you

    God bless and stay healthy and safe

  30. Hi bts I like you music a lot it keep me strong now i need to go in RMI avrey year for my back problem but thanks to your music that I am trying not to think my back problem I wish the luck tou you gyes in coming years.

  31. Hello my name is Lusanda i m not sure if you can pronounce it 😄. I m 14. I am from South Africa . I just wanted to say I would really really like to meet BTS when I finish school . And I would also like to learn the Korean language. Hopefully I will 😘 . I would also like to say I love BTS ✌️

  32. Dear BTS,
    I’m Lidiya from Brunei Darussalam.The purpose of me sending this email to you guys is to tell u guys that how meaningful u guys are to to me. What I tried to say is u guys are always make my day , every day , every night , especially when I’m in sadness and stress. I always listened to your songs to relieve my stress and sadness. If u guys are not exist in this wonderful and beautiful world , maybe I might commit suicide . I know u guys are going to say that im crazy for trying to commit suicide but honestly I tell you guys the truth but because i know u guys , you changed me and in fact your songs are what compels me. I mean , your songs are means a lot to me that’s why I love u guys so much .
    Love and wishes from Lidiya🔥💓🥰😍😘

  33. Yoongi I love you I hope your doing well and Don’t read this it’s terrible sorry but I hope your doing well and Be happy ARMY LOVES YOU ALL so stay strong for ARMY and always remember your LOVED BY EVERYONE and you always have a home to go to when your sad it’s called ARMY you know ARMY HOUSE.V your my Twin along with JImin you guys are my TWIN even though i’m younger and that we don’t look the same but we have the same personalty and I LOVE YOU GUYS
    you make me happy everyday. Namjoon your the best BTS dad ever you must be proud father to have such great kids. Jin WORLDWIDE HANDSOME YOUR SO HANDSOME I LOVE YOU. Jungguk
    HEY there COOKY how’s it going ARMY LOVES YOU Don’t tell the other members but I think they like you the most who knows you and your goodlooks can kill ARMY so please don’t try to kill ARMY some of us don’t have a heart thanks to you. J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEE

  34. I am 13 years old and i absolutely love jimin, he’s amazing. I live in South Africa, I really wish that BTS would have a concert here, my best friend and I are HUGE fans.
    She is actually the one who introduced me to BTS and ever since I’ve been in love with them.

  35. Hi! My name is Kaya!
    I’m 13 years old and my idol/bias is Jungkook. I wish the Toronto, Canada concert was not cancelled this May but hopefully we will get to see BTS perform soon. It is also my dream to meet Jungkook in person which would mean a lot to me but I know that won’t happen so at least a live video with the group would be amazing!

  36. Hi BTS!
    My name is Kaya and I’m from Toronto, Canada and just one of the many fans that are sad about how the concert is postponed. But I would like to ask RM a big favor, could you plz tell Jungkook that he is my idol and that I think he is the cutest ever! I love it when he smiles even if it’s only in a picture. Also, when I have a rough day or can’t get through school work just listening to his voice makes me feel better. He is my bias and always will be! Even though I’m only 13 I wish I could see Jungkook so badly! And a message to the whole group, your music is just amazing and if there is any time where the group is struggling remember you guys have my support and the army’s support too! Much love from my end! I will really appreciate it if you would pass the message on! Thank you!

  37. HI BTS
    I am riva from india iam 13yrs and i am army i want to come to your concert love u with all of my everything but my parents dont allow 😭😭😭😭😭but i cant stay without u my bias is taeyung and junkook
    love u purple you💜💜💜💜
    Pls read it and reply

  38. Hi BTS!my name is salmah Queen
    I’m a fun I’m from Canada but the corona virus found me in rwanda I hope one day u will read this message and reply .May Allah always be with in your daily life and in everything you do Allah will always protect you 🙏💗.
    I love u so much 😘.For the bottom of my heart

  39. Hello my 7 Kings ,how are you I hope you all r fine .I am really sorry for late message . finally I got the chance to say you all.
    I am in love with your all songs .my favorite one is fake love . and specially your songs makes my day beautiful .when I am sad I love to watch your videos and I smile heart is fully connected by you all ..and I will never give up to support you
    And I always ready to stand for you ..cause I love you a lot …I can’t joined your concert cause I stay far away from you and thank you so much …
    Specially too taehyung and jhope …for your smile I am still alive 😊keep smiling then I can stay happy …and taehyung I really love you ..I have a dream to meet you ..but I can’t.😭 I am still praying to Lord …and stay safe ..I love you all ❤️keep smiling ❤️

  40. Hi BTS. I’m a Indian… I’m a huge fan of yours. I have a deep desire to see you. We can pray to god for good… love you all love you so much… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. Dear BTS there is probably a 1% chance that you are going to see this, and I do not blame you, because you are busy artists. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your music. I do not even have words to describe how big my love is for you and your music. I think that my biggest achievement in my life/ my goal is to get a reply from you. And I think it will make me extremely happy. I hope that you guys will always stay healthy. Please keep making your music. Please know that ARMY’S will always love and support you. Your music makes my day even when I am deep in the pits of depression. I think you are the only happiness in my life. I am 14 and it’s been my biggest dream in my life so far. Thank you for all you do, my love for you is infinite. ♥️♥️♾

  42. name sivapriya. I am from India, puducherry. I love ur songs rhythms v very much and loved all ur moves. Did u have sang a song in Tamil I love to hear that buddies and I like to spend a time with u guys. Play bye and good with your upgrading concert😎😎😎😎

  43. Hi bts.My name is kashfia. I am 14.I have a dream.I live in Bangladesh.when I will go to korea i will bought the greatest hamburger and a special lunch (made by me ) for taehung. I wish I can complete my dream

  44. Hey bts iam jajitha from india 🇮🇳 iam 22yrs old my bias is jimin I love him a lot.i want to meet you all but I don’t have money to come to south Korea 😔I hope one day I will.i purple you 💜💜💜

  45. hello, I just want to say that I’m a huge fan! I love your music I hope to see one of your concerts one day, I don’t have enough money to get to any TwT but I hope one day I could perform on stage and sing my heart out like you guys 🙂 I love you guys so much you got me out of my depression when my mom passed away from cancer. but I Keep going because I know she would want me to be the best for her I hope I could get a reply from one you guys it would make my day 🙂 Have a good day or night

  46. Hi gys.. i’m shanu from sri lanka . . So i love you very much . My bias is jin i like you very much (WWH😄).. i hope you read this . . STAY SAFE & HELTHY ,,,,, GOD BLESS YOU BTS .. 💕

  47. Hey Team,

    My name is Paul. I have been following you for more than a year now. I don’t need to tell you how incredibly talented you are.

    I will make a very direct suggestion to all of you. Be a family. Be the best friends you can be to each other. Take time away from each other once in a while and then come back stronger.

    The world needs you and your talent right now. You have already changed many hateful hearts into good hearts. You can change the world we live in. Take that responsibility seriously, but have fun doing it.

    Do not lose the fire in you and do not allow any one of you to be better than the other. No jealousy and no getting tired of each other. Your work is hard and your days are long, but I am telling you this from the USA – a very broken country right now – WE NEED YOU. YOH NEED EACH OTHER. Be good to each other and celebrate the great gift that has been given to you.

    Do not stop your work with your amazing music and dance. It is so good to watch and so good to see a group of guys working hard like this.

    Do not stop the good thing you have started. You will change many more hearts. I fully support you.

  48. Hey guys, I love everyone in BTS and I am from India. I am a huge fan of yours ‘army’ and it would be so great if once in my life I get to meet you! Please do a concert in India after all this covid-19 is over. It’s my dream to see you guys perform live and also to meet you guys! Love you guys to infinity

  49. Hey guys, I love everyone in BTS and I am from India. I am a huge fan of yours ‘army’ and it would be so great if once in my life I get to meet you! Please do a concert in India after all this covid-19 is over. It’s my dream to see you guys perform live and also to meet you guys! Love you guys to infinity.
    Ritu shah

  50. Hi BTS!!!! ❤️

    I just wanted to let you know I love you so much and I wish that I could see you guys but I can’t sadly😢Jungkook I hope you see this because I love you and I don’t know what I would do with out you YOUR THE BEST KEEP Going and Yoongi don’t listen to haters ok just think about ARMY’S and Jin please be safe in the military I don’t want to lose you LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Can we exchange phone numbers😊

  51. I was writing in hopes to get permission to play BTS music on my stream on twitch. On my stream i will also have the name of artist and the name of song. I will not be be taking any credit for anything just wanna share BTS magnificent music.

  52. Hi, my name is Kiran, and I am a big fan of BTS and I from poor family so because of that I can’t see BTS live, I think this message was readen by RM and thank you RM for reading message and my wish is I want your contact number because maybee I can’t see you in the future also because of this money problems! So I requested to get your contact number please.
    I am waiting for you are reply!

  53. Good Day
    I hope this email finds you all in good health
    The reason I am contacting you is to ask if you could help. My 14 year old daughter is a massive BTS fan and is also an ARMY member.
    My daughter suffers from a form of Autism that can result in her being very awkward and rude with other people and she can be very cheeky due to her condition.
    Since she started to follow BTS, she has changed. She now makes every attempt to tell us when she is feeling nervous and upset. At first we did not know what was happening until she spoke with one of the doctors, and that’s when she said “BTS IS THE LIGHT THAT SCARES THE DARKNESS AWAY, THEY PROTECT ME AND TOGETHER WE ARE BULLETPROOF”. i cried so hard as over the past 16 months she has listened to the lyrics and totally absorbed them. She is now off the medication that was prescribed to her and is starting to enjoy life.
    Kacey has saved up her allowance and has bought BTS a star and she has named it BANGTAN SONYEONDAN., this leads me onto why I contacted you.
    Would it be possible if she could send the certificate either by post/email so that the group can receive it.
    I understand that you are very busy and I am humbled that you took the time to read my email

  54. Hai bts my name santhana lakshmi i am studying in college second year I am south india girl my native place thoothukudi I am your big fan your songs and dance programs are very amazing your performance are so amazing dynamite song is very very nice song I love it and bts you so cute and sweet I love you bts please accept my massage one day I will meet you bts I love you so much 😘

  55. Hi BTS how are you guys? Every day I watch your’s videos and photos I really loved it your’s smile and your’s actions my request is don’t cry for anything because it breaks my heart. I can’t see your’s crying face. I always supporting u and waiting for your’s arrival to India. I love u guys . And my baby Kim taehyung. Keep smiling always. If u all are happy i am also happy u all sad I also sad. Keep smiling and Keep rocking dears. I miss u lot. Iam V.Priyanka from India. Bye.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 All the best for your’s bright future and more success.

  56. HI BTS, I’m a big fan of you guys and i love your songs!!! My favorite song is Fake Love, Seesaw and Not today. Also, my bias is going to be V and RM.
    RM: you dance great and i love your smile because your smile brightens ARMY and your Hyungs.
    V: Sometimes i feel happy because your funny,kind,sweet and sometimes mad when u are cute.
    Also, Jungkook. My sister loves u and your cute baby face. Thannks for reading this and i watch you guys on VLIVE. I hope you guys can see my name and my words.
    LOVE U BTS!!!

  57. Hello everyone,my name is Ulzhan. I am big fan of yours. I especially love Jungkook very much. I just adore him and want to tell him a lot of stories about my life. I want to thank you so much for being there.

  58. Hiii, I have a question..
    so I would really like to send BTS some fanarts (my work). But I don’t think the fanarts will fit in the envelope because the envelope is really small for fanarts. I know that there are bigger envelopes (I think they are mostly brown) and I don’t know if these envelopes are still the standard envelope. Can I send my fanarts with the bigger envelope or just from the small envelopes? I’d be really happy if you maybe answer 🙂
    Thank you 🙏🏻

  59. Hi! How are you? Do you have enough time to rest? Isn’t it bad to be an idol? Isn’t it too much burden on you? Do you like doing it? Besides the questions, though I guess you are told quite often, thank you for your existing. Your music means a lot to people and me. Far from being possible to happen, but I would like to get to know you. I would like to the real you and not the ones on the screen, if you what I mean. I would like to get to know you in person and not via internet. I would like to make friends with you. But that’s all for now. If you feel like to talk to a foreigner and get to know me then feel free to visit my instagram (_myartistnameisava_) any time.
    But of course I understand that you are busy or not intrested in a foreign girl.
    I hope, that now during the holidays you have enough time for yourself.

    Have a nice day: Veronika

  60. I wrote a poem about bts and i want the bts to give a read. It will mean a lot to me. Bts have inspired many people and they inspired me to pen down a poem.
    I know there are people who hate bts and give harsh comments.
    But i just want them to know, how bts reached this position. And the people out there really should know how they went through before criticizing bts.. I have posted the poem on weaverse app in the name #gaya3saji and on Twitter too.

  61. Hello fellow army!!! My name is Dalyce. Im 13 and my bias is jimin and my bias wrecker is suga. I am from UTAH. I would love to make new friends that are army because a lot of my friends think im weird.I like jimin because he is so happy and cute and he tries to make every one happy.

    • Hello,
      I just wanted to say happy birthday to Min Yoongi. I hope you’re doing well and that you will always be healthy. Even if you don’t see this message. I don’t know. And for the other bts members: always take care of yourself. There are many bad people out there. And always stay positive. In every situation. I know it’s not that easy but try it at least pls. We love you guys. Bye

  62. Hi 👋 y name is Leago I’m from South Africa and I’m a really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really big fun you guys have tough me to love and care for self my self and that really means something since I was getting teased alot from school I wish you guys can come visit l love you the whole of South Africa does 🤩💯

  63. Hi BANGTAN Namjoong oppa,jin oppa,hoseok oppa,jimin oppa,teahyung oppa,yoongi oppa and my brother jeon 👋👋How are you? You’re fine, aren’t you??🙂🙂 What are you doing these days?I heartily congratulate you on your new song “Butter” and for your future.😊😊yoongi aiya, is your shoulder pain okay now ??😯😯The covid 19 virus has spread around the world, so all seven of you have to be very careful.☺️☺️When you go out, walk around people very carefully, always wear a face mask, and always use a hand sanitizer😌😌.The seven of you are like my own brothers,😊😊😊 I miss you so much 😔😔😔.. If only I could see you at least once😔😔😔. There is no greater joy in my life than that❤️❤️❤️ …I hope I can see you someday,That is the great hope I have in my heart💗💗💗.I hope you will see my message ..Work happily and carefully my brothers👍👍☺️☺️☺..️ Always smile 😁😁😁😊😊😊.. God Day!!GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!(I am your sis)😊😊😊👋👋

  64. I love you guys a lot you all changed my life I did t even see u all but I love to see you all but once in my life I think I’ll meet you all love you love love you all a lot

    Your love your love your love I miss that your love your love your love I want that your touch your your touch your touch your touch I need that
    La la la li la la la la la la love it …

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