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BTS 6th Anniversary A.R.M.Y. Project!

Happy 6th Anniversary BTS! – Meal2Heal ARMY project.

13th June 2013 is a day cherished by BTS and ARMYs because it’s the day BTS debuted.
It’s been a beautiful journey for the past 6 years with them.
ARMYs around the world celebrated this day in many ways showing their gratitude towards the boys.

As we all know BTS inspires us in many ways. What makes BTS different from other artists is their passion for their advocacies. They openly tackle social issues in their music no matter what people says. They also voice out their stance through activities outside the music industry in many ways and they also launched the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign in partnership with UNICEF.

The amount of love and dedication these boys give for the society is one of the main reasons ARMYs stand by their side. They help everyone to be a better person and also to love themselves and be themselves. And the boys initiative to participate in such campaigns has also inspired ARMYs to help in their own way following BTS’ footsteps in striving hard to make a difference for a better tomorrow.
So this year ARMYs from Sri lanka also did something special to honor the boys for their anniversary.

Sri Lankan ARMYs conducted a Project called A Meal2Heal! On 22nd June 2019

It’s a meal donation program for children who are currently staying in CCC House.
CCC House is a transit home for Cancer patients located in National Cancer Institute,Maharagama, Sri Lanka. When ARMYs contacted them they were informed that they are in need of Meal Donations.
So ARMYs got together and raised money to feed 150 patients who are currently residing at CCC Home.
Not only they gave a yummy meal. They also spent the day with the children entertaining them bringing out those little innocent smiles to light.

Sometimes, real Superheroes live in the hearts of these small children fighting big battles.

So Please feel free to donate for these beautiful children so there is hope for them and so that they could keep on smiling.
CCC House is a Home that gives hope and saves lives of these children.

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