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BTS ARMY Decorates a Seoul Subway Train in Honor of Bangtan Boys

And we all wish we were on it!

ARMY decorates a Seoul Subway train to honor BTS, with a pink theme and packed with anything BTS.

Korean BTS-fans wanted to prepare a special event.
ARMY’s were notified on 29 November by the ‘special forces’ group, who had this magnificent idea, that their special subway event would start the next day, 30 November.

Below you can see photos showing the BTS-decorated subway train.

Pictures of the members are displayed in the train, it’s decorated in a pink theme. Lyrics from BTS’s track “Answer: Love Myself” are written in beautiful hangul and translates to: “The target of the thousands of bright arrows is me alone.”

The group of fans decided to do this to celebrate Jin and V’s birthdays which both fall in December (4th and 30th) and used the theme from the bands album “Love Yourself: Answer” along with photos from all member as a tribute.

The love train is the 5th car of Train No.215 in Seoul Subway Line 2 and will run from December 3 to January 3, 2019.

This visual treat and amazing work show that ARMY’s will stop at nothing to show their love and appreciation for our Bangtan Boys.

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Written by Felicia

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