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BTS at 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje – Performances and Best Moments

From MC Jin, all the LY solos, Fake Love live to Behind the Cam videos and the show’s ending party.

BTS’s performance at this year’s KBS Gayo Daechukje is trending worldwide on Youtube! This says it all.

We, ARMYs, were once again blessed with a mini concert at KBS’s end of the year show which indeed was one huge fantasy party. The boys performed all of their Love Yourself solo songs as well as the ragdoll dance version of Fake Love. There was also MC Jin who was extra as always and of course the ending of the show, where the boys had the best of fun, dancing and playing around. It was a joy to watch them.


At the red carpet, BTS showed up wearing Thom Browne. They chose black and gray combos and look dashing as always. I love how they opted for such a simple yet elegant look. And Jimin’s black and white pleaded coat was such a scene stealer! Now, if you haven’t watch them on the Red Carpet, here it is in full HD and of course, with English subtitle.

Jin, along with co-hosts Chanyeol (EXO) and Dahyun (Twice) were the MCs for the night and they did an awesome job, being cute and funny along the way. Not to mention how good they looked.

After the spoilers that BTS’s members will perform all of their LY solos came out, i was anxiously waiting for the performance and boy i wasn’t disappointed! The Bangtan Boys special stage felt like a mini concert and it looked really awesome. J-Hope opened the stage with his energetic solo, “Just Dance”, looking so hot in an all black suit and a pair of Louis Vuitton sneaker boots (he is our fashion king after all). His performance was flawless as always, just as i remember it from when i saw it live at their concert in Berlin. Hobi’s stage presence and energy is on another level!

Jungkook was next with his “Euphoria”. When i saw them live he was injured and wasn’t able to dance so i was really anticipating his performance. He looked dashing in white pants and shirt, topped with the most beautiful pale blue coat embroidered with flowers. And the way he was smoldering for the cameras!

It was Jimin’s turn. Serendipity, his solo from LY:Her, got a full length edition for the LY:Answer album and a new choreography from Brian Puspos for the Love Yourself World Tour. And thank you Brian for that! Also thank you to the stylists who chose that breathtakingly beautiful (and loose enough) shirt. As always, Jimin shined on the stage, blessing us with his gracious dancing moves.

RM’s performance was the shortest one and i have no idea why. I love “Love” and the fact he wrote it with us, fans in mind, with repetitive and catchy lyrics we can easily sing along to. And i love that for this performance, he changed the “Is this love” part to “It is love”! He looked so good in that emerald green Gucci coat, but what made him truly shine were his smile and dimples.

Singularity was next. Have i told you how much i appreciate this song and it’s choreography? It is so sensual and artistic and Taehyung kills i every time he performs it. Yesterday was no excuse. And take a look at his messy hair and that crazily beautiful black&blue Haider Ackermann coat!

Suga’s Seesaw performance gets me everytime. He looks so cute dancing around, smiling and enjoying himself every time he performs it. There was a short technical problem, when the pre-recorded video stopped, but it was so good to hear the fans that were in the dome where the show was held screaming to support Yoongi.

When Jin sings Epiphany, even the birds stop to listen. His vocals are so breathtaking and he puts so much emotion into it. I was so blessed to experience Epiphany live and i can easily say it was one of the best performances from this tour. Yesterday, he did it again on the KBS stage, while smoothly playing the piano, ending it with THAT stare at the camera, sealing his “Worldwide Handsome” for life!

After their pre-recorded solo performance, BTS performed “Fake Love” live. It was the same version we saw at the 2018 MAMA, but this time the lightening and the camera work were much better. I honestly love this version of Fake Love, especially the ragdoll dance break.

While the pre-recorded performances were on, the boys made sure to perform live for the audience in the dome. Thanks to the fansites, we also got to see those performance. Just take a look at Jimin flashing his abs (and THAT Nevermind tattoo)

And how cute they were when they join Jin on stage while Epiphany was being screened. We stan supportive Kings!

The show turned into a huge party at the very end, when all of the artists joined Kim Yeon Ja to perform “Amor Fati”. The boys looked so cute, V wearing a huge Minnie Mouse bow and Suga looking adorable with a pair of rabbit ears. They danced to the choreography and it was so evident that they are truly having fun and enjoying themselves. And smiling, dancing, happy BTS is all that ARMYs all around the world want and need!

After the show ended, BTS’s shared an update on their official twitter profile, saying “[#TODAYSBANGTAN] 2018 KBS Song Festival ~Great Fantasy Party~ where we met AmorSoNyeonDan! Also MC Jin who worked hard this year too? Age is just a number! The heart is real! You can go with how your heart is beating~?”

RM tweeted two selcas, thanking us for staying up so late just to watch them perform. ” Thank you so much until it was very late” – talking about how it ended late.

J-Hope shared some awesome behind the scene photos

Jimin tweeted: “Our ARMY who always comes to cheer for us, thank you and I love you
I was really happy to show you guys a new stage today and above all, make sure to not catch a cold
❤️☺️ #Jimin

Jungkook didn’t forget that it was Friday, the day of the week when fans anticipate the opportunity to chat with him on Fancafe. Even though he was tired and sleepy, he posted:


ㅠㅠㅠ I’m sorry ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
For not being able to come on Fridayㅠㅠㅠㅠ

「I gotㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ」

I got defeated by sleep ㅠㅠ I fell asleep when I got into the car and right when I went back in I wasn’t even able to shower and fell asleep right away ㅠㅠ I’m so sorry ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

He also shared a beautiful portrait that his father draw as a gift to ARMYs. Talent surely runes in the Jeon family.

Suga decided to post two selcas on Weibo, captioning them: ““End this year well, and enjoy lots of good fortune next year”

MC Jin made sure he says his thank yous on fancafe

translation credit to @peachboy_0613

I will finish this post by saying Thank YOU Bangtan Sonyeondan for the unforgettable performances and Than YOU MC Jin for always being you.

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