BTS at The 2019 Golden Disc Awards: Red Carpet, Performances, Speeches and More!

Watch all the best moments of BTS at this year’s Golden Disc Awards!

BTS entered 2019 winning 6 awards at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards:

? Bonsang – Digital
? Global Vlive Best Artist
? U+ Idol Live Popularity Award
? NetEase Popularity Award
? Bonsang – Album
? Daesang – Album

At the first day of The GDA, they only attended the show, without walking the red carpet nor performing. However, they were there to accept the Global Vlive TOP10 Best Artist and BONSANG/Best Song Digital awards. They looked dapper in black and white suits. Here is their acceptance speech, as well as the backstage interview:

Today was the second day of the GDA and this time BTS walked the red carpet, wearing more casual outfits, this time by designer Paul Smith. Here is the video, including the interview with English subtitle:

At the ceremony, the boys were having a great time! They entered the show with V carrying Suga on his back, while the others were acting like bodyguards :). During the show, they continued goofing around, giving us, fans, an opportunity to smile and enjoy along.

Towards the end of the show, BTS performed Fake Love (pre-recorded), followed by an amazing performance of IDOL. The boys entered the stage, this time in Christian Dior outfits, riding a huge lion/tiger statue, RM confidently saying “2019 is going to be BTS’ year one more time.”

The boys won the last award for the night, The Best Album Daesang and gave us yet another touching speech. Here is the full transcript in English, followed by a video of the speech.

BTS definitely ruled 2018, but we can not wait to see everything they’ll manage to accomplish in 2019! The boys are already working on their new album, and still have a couple of Asian dates left from the Love Yourself tour. Thank you, BTS for working so hard and giving so much to us, ARMYs. Don’t forget to get some rest!

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