BTS Facts That Even Hardcore ARMYs Might Not Know!

Take a look at this list of random facts about the Bangtan Boys that you probably don’t know

Do you know BTS? 

This is Jin’s favorite question on their many travels, ever since debut. Today the world certainly knows BTS, and with their current fame it is difficult to imagine that there were times when the Bangtan Boys struggled to gain popularity. ARMYs certainly know BTS the best, being their loyal followers for years now. But even if you are a hardcore Army, we are sure that there some interesting things about the boys that you might not know. At least i am sure that i didn’t know maybe half of the things i learned while doing a research for this article. I gathered a lot of Bangtan facts that i hope will keep you entertained while reading and even surprise you on times. Have in mind that this “facts” are not really official or confirmed, so if you think that something isn’t correct or shouldn’t be mentioned here, let me know in the comments and i will gladly fix it. 

Ok, ready? Let’s see how well do you know BTS! 

Taehyung is Ambidextrous, which means when he writes, he can use both his right and left hand.

Taehyung writing with his left hand

Namjoon used to tell his mom he was going to pc rooms, but went to rap competitions instead.

Namjoon with his mom

Jimin and Taehyung used to have a Vlive segment, “Mandakko” in which they thought ARMYs about the satoori or dialects from their province. 

Jungkook is afraid of the microwave. This is because he thinks that it can explode 🙂

Yoongi has a soft spot for a cartoon character named Kumamon. It is actually a rosy-cheeked brown bear designated as the official mascot of the Kumamoto prefecture in Japan.

Jin was actually scouted by SM, but he thought it was a scam so he never responded. 

J-Hope was a JYP trainee before going to BigHit. He was accepted and competed in a group called “Neuron”. They even went to the finals. 

Namjoon used to fight a lot with his younger sister when they were children. They mostly argued over using the computer and internet. 

Jimin has a tiny scar above his right eye. You can barely see it, but it is there. He revealed in an interview that he got it as a child when he accidentally hit.

Rap line is also Book Reading Line – Namjoon is an avid reader, J-Hope’s dad is a literature teacher and Yoongi got an award at school for reading the most books 🙂

photo credit to BigHit

Suga once said: “If I wasn’t a rapper, I would probably be a composer because I love music so much.” Yoongi is so passionate about music that he can’t imagine a profession that is not connect to it.

Suga at his studio – Genius Lab

BTS were huge fans of the mobile game Crossy Road and even tweeted at them asking for merchandise. When they got the merch, they tweeted a bunch of adorable selfies with the small chicks, then later unfollowed him.

BTS love Anime so much that they even named a song after one! Their famous song “Attack On Bangtan” is actually named and inspired in part by the Japanese show Attack On Titan.

When asked what he would like to become in 10 years from now, he said an owner of a duck restaraunt or a tattoo artist. This boy is so talented in drawing, that we can easily see him as a tattoo artists!

fanart by @jojociita

Jimin’s choice of stage names were ‘baby g’, ‘baby j’ and ‘young kid’. Luckily, he decided that he should use his real name instead 🙂

While Yoongi was working as a lyricist in his hometown (Daegu) he used to go by a different stage name – Gloss. He even wanted to keep it after signing for BigHit but was advised not to. 

Jin played rock-paper-scissors with the staff once because he didn’t want to cut his hair. They played scissors. He played rock.

Ever wondered how did Jungkook get that scar on his left cheek? Well, he got it because he used to fight his brother to play computer games.

You have probably noticed that J-Hope’s ears are not pierced! Actually, he is the only member that hasn’t been seen wearing earrings. It is because Hoseok thinks that earrings are “not manly.” 

 Jungkook died his hair white during RUN promotions, but everyone called him grandpa so he chose to go back to dark brown 🙂

No wonder Jin is our “Worldwide Handsome”! Even though he went to an ALL BOYS High School, he still got chocolates & 16+ roses for Valentines Day.

BTS thought that Taehyung was a spoiled child because he was wearing a really expensive jacket when they first met him. But, in reality his mother bought it for him because he didn’t want the ‘rich city boys’ to make fun of him.

As V was the hidden member, when the members were filming the logs before debut, he was not allowed to do any logs and apparently he hid behind a trashcan while the members did a log one time.

Hoseok used to wear braces pre debut. No wonder he has such perfectly nice teeth. And we have a photo proof . How cute is he???

BTS was going to be named either Big Kids or Young Nation or Bangtan Sonyeondan, the members didn’t like the names, but they eventually chose Bangtan, they then started thinking that it’s a cool name.

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