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BTS’s First Grammy Nomination

Friday, Dec. 7, the 61st Grammy Award Nominations were announced. ARMY’s beloved BTS album, Love Yourself: Tear has earned a Grammy nomination for Best Recording Package. This nomination is very special to BTS and KPOP in general because it is the first time BTS has been nominated for a Grammy as well as the first time for any KPOP act.

BTS’s Love Yourself: Tear is very successful and became the first K-pop album to ever top the Billboard 200 albums chart. This award is recognition to the art directors for the albums visual looks. Even though the award itself will actually go to the album’s art director, Husky Fox, it is still a huge win for BTS, ARMY (BTS fans), and KPOP. This nomination is sure to open up doors for BTS and KPOP by spreading their fame and influence in the United States.

Video Credit- ARMY YouTuber BlueMoon V

“Tear” is the second installment in BTS’s “Love Yourself” series. There are four different versions: “Y”, “O”, “U”, and “R”. Each version comes with their own set of concept photos.

Video Credit- ARMY YouTuber Jaeguchi

The visuals of the series are not only beautiful and unique, so are the album’s songs and themes.

The Korea Times quoted Kim a Seattle-based music critic saying, “The fact that BTS’s name is on that (Grammy nomination) list is a milestone achievement itself.” He added “Unlike Billboard Music Awards or American Music Awards, Grammys are awarded for musical merit without regard to chart position or album sales. So the voters tend to put more emphasis on artistic or technical achievement.”

BTS had many big goals this year. According to RM, he was hopeful that they would reach NO.1 on the Billboard 200. Member Suga added more to their goal list. His goals were to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard 200, do a stadium tour, become one of the most influential singers all over the world and to go to Grammy Award. ARMY is so proud of BTS because they have achieved all of that and more.

Video Credit- ARMY YouTuber BTS ARMY L.S.

In a recent interview with J-14, BTS group members laughed at Suga’s response “Grammys” when asked what the next step for BTS is. His dream for the group to receive a Grammy now has turned into a real nomination.

The 61st Grammy Awards will take place Feb.10 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. CBS begins live broadcast at 8 p.m. EST.

Congrats BTS! ARMY purples you <3

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