BTS in Saudi Arabia – Concert Recap

»ç¿ìµð¿¡¼­ ¼º°øÀûÀÎ °ø¿¬ ÆîÄ¡´Â ¹æź¼Ò³â´Ü (¸®¾ßµå=¿¬ÇÕ´º½º) ¿ùµåÅõ¾î¿¡ ³ª¼± ¹æź¼Ò³â´ÜÀÌ 11ÀÏ(ÇöÁö½Ã°£) »ç¿ìµð¾Æ¶óºñ¾Æ ¼öµµ ¸®¾ßµå Å·Æĵå ÀÎÅͳ»¼Å³Î ½ºÅ¸µð¿ò¿¡¼­ °ø¿¬À» ÆîÄ¡°í ÀÖ´Ù. ¹æź¼Ò³â´ÜÀº ÀÌ°÷¿¡¼­ ÇØ¿Ü °¡¼ö ÃÖÃÊ·Î ½ºÅ¸µð¿ò ¹«´ë¿¡ ¿Ã¶ú´Ù. 2019.10.12 [ºòÈ÷Æ®¿£ÅÍÅ×ÀθÕÆ® Á¦°ø. ÀçÆǸŠ¹× DB ±ÝÁö] 11:19:02/

BTS performed their first concert since July on October 11th in Saudia Arabia. The energy level was through the roof. It seemed like the vacation did them well. They performed with amazing gusto and passion. From the moments the VCRs started to play my heart swelled with sweet memories from the Chicago concerts. Every single member looked fresh and ready to throw down in their all white outfits during the opening song, Dionysus.


BTS and their staff took many actions to respect the Saudi culture, including having their female staff wear abayas (loose fitting robe like dresses), covering Jimin’s gold mic with a purple bandana, and not bowing to fans during the show. It was also noted that both BTS and their dancers changed some choreography to be less provocative.

I’m sure many fans were curious to see just how much they changed, most notably, the “Baepsae” choreography. Which is pretty much three minutes and fifty four seconds of hip thrusts and crotch grabs. We were expecting a much more laid back version but the k-pop gods blessed us when Namjoon gave what I’d like to refer to as “the thrust felt around the world.” Wearing a magnificent pair of dad jeans with a tucked in white t-shirt, he took a handful of himself and threw those hips into oblivion. To get the full effect I’ve attached a picture and a video link.

Among other highlights was Jungkook and his luscious locks making their first concert appearance. We were blessed with a semi-man bun when he tied his hair back for his solo song, “Euphoria.” His eyes sparkled like a million stars on a moonless night as he flew around the stadium like the maknae angel he is.


Yoongi’s mic malfunctioned a lot but it didn’t stop him from delivering his tongue technology in a way that blew your hair back and made your heart go boom boom. During the middle of the concert the members paused to sing Jimin happy birthday. Our little mochi was full smiles as his brothers sweetly sarenaded him. Happy 24th birthday Park Jimin!


During the final goodbyes, Jin, in his own politely savage way, called out the translator for not translating his words with enough emotion. There were a few times the translator failed to convey their intent and once when he failed to translate what they asked him to at all.

All and all it was an amazing concert. Having seen every concert since Chicago I can honestly say this was the best one yet. They definitely brought their A game and it showed. They looked happy to be back on stage where they once again fell into performing like the naturals they are.


The next concert is set to take place on October 26th in Seoul, South Korea, with two more shows to follow. The October 27th show will be shown live in theaters. You can purchase tickets through I saw the “Love Yourself in Seoul” movie in theaters in February and it was life changing. It is the next best thing to being at one of their concerts. Their final show will be on October 28th closing out the Speak Yourself Tour. With award season approaching we can expect many more bomb performances from the boys in the near future.


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Written by Sarah A

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