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BTS’ Jungkook Goes on a Selfie Spree, Announces Weekly Group Chat on Fancafe

The Golden Maknae surprises ARMYs with his activeness on social media.

Jungkook is not very famous for being overly active on social media. We rarely see him posting selfies or even tweeting or writing on BTS’ Fancafe. But it seems like our little introvert is becoming more carefree and open when social media is in question.

On November 28, just after the 2018 AAA, Kookie shared an adorable selfie, captioned

“It’s a little late but … (I fell asleep as soon as I came …)
I am so grateful today, and I hope I have plenty of happy times with Army.
Army was awarded today.!!!”

The selfie spree continued on December 2, when JK shared a pouting photo on twitter. His messy hair and flawless skin making it even hotter. In the photo we can see him  wearing a PUMA x ADER ERROR Hooded Button-Up Padded Jacket. He captioned the photo:

“Take your umbrella and watch out from catching a cold! ? ? ?”

Jungkook sets BTS’ Fancafe on fire!

His social media activeness didn’t stop there, yesterday he started a series of posts on BTS’ Fancafe at Daum and even changed his user name and profile photo! All this happened very late in the night, around 4/5am South Korean time. You can read the full transcript of everything he posted on the twitter profile peachBoy

bts jungkook fancafe

After changing his profile picture to this masterpiece on your left, he also changed his name from Jungkook to “BTS_ARMYadmirer_JungKoo”

He then continued writing post after post, asking fans to change their profile photos to the photo he used. Just few days ago twitter fans massively changed their profile photos to meme Jin for his birthday. 

After opening the chat room, he was surprised by how many fans were in and concluded that it is actually very fun. As he was very tired, he decided to end the chat pretty quick but promised to do chat rooms every Friday from now on.

However, it doesn’t seem like Jungkook got much sleep after all, as he tweeted another selfie in the morning, while he was heading to his practice in the studio. Though he once again looked hot in the photo, according to the emoticon he used, he wasn’t very happy to get up that early….

December 7 Update: Jungkook keeps his promise by posting yet another adorable selfie before the boys leave Korea for  Taiwan where they will have 2 concerts, on December 8th and 9th. He captioned the photo “I will be back”. We will be waiting JK, we will be waiting!

What is BTS’ Fancafe?

No matter what is the reason behind JK’s sudden change of love for social media, we totally support it! For those international fans that are still clueless of what Fancafe is, here is a twitter user that explains everything you need to know, including how to register and level up.

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Written by Jelena

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