BTS Meets Mom & Dad (mini-imagines)

Imagine taking each BTS member home to meet your parents. During your visit your folks try to get to know the guys. Here are some mini-imagines:


Suga would try to find some common ground with your dad, maybe music, sports, or another interest. He’d go into detail about the topic, even quote some facts and figures to impress your dad with his knowledge. He’d be very respectful towards your mom and would charm her with his gummy smile. He would also make friends with your family pets, even though he claims he doesn’t like animals besides Min Holly. After dinner he’d be snoozing on the couch with the cat in his lap.

Photo: ARMY Amino


Jimin would walk in and instantly charm the pants off your mom, sister, and any other female within a 10 mile vicinity. His sweet smile and compliments would have all the women swooning. “Dinner was delicious, thank you for the lovely meal.” Even your dad wouldn’t be able to resist Jimin because he’d be so nice and complimentary, increasing your dad’s manly ego. Behind their back however, he’d be sneaking winks and insinuating smiles in your direction.

Photo: ARMY Amino


J-Hope’s response to every question they ask would be in the form of dance because that’s what he does when he doesn’t know what to do. “So Hoseok, what do you do for a living?” Insert Fake Love mirror dance (he would pull you into the role opposite of him, as he’s made you practice). “What do you like to do for fun?” Insert his signature Shopping dance. “What are your intentions with our daughter?” Insert J-Hope/Suga blindfolded tango.

Photo: VLive via Pinterest


Jin would win your father over first by cracking his terrible dad jokes. You’d be able to hear both of their window wiping laughs from the next room. He’d then join your mom in the kitchen, attempting to help and claiming his chef status. She’d fall in love with his efforts and tell you how lucky you are to have a guy who likes to cook (maybe a little loud towards your father since he never enters the kitchen other than to eat).

Photo: BTS Fiesta 2016


V would come across pretty quiet at first, not really sure what to say or how to behave, but he would eventually come out of his shell with your encouragement. He would start telling hilarious stories on the other members, “And this one time, in Malta…” that would have your father rolling laughing. After dinner, he would lead a rousing game of Hide n Seek with your nieces and nephews that would result in him losing a tickle fight, dog piled under the kids as they’re all laughing and screaming. Your mom would realize how good he is with kids and give you the, “we could use a few more grandkids” look. You’d roll your eyes as V tags you into the tickle fight for his redemption.



RM would be fine in any social situation. His effective communication and leadership skills would have him leading charades or card games. Like Suga, he would find a common interest with your dad and they’d get along great. Your mom would die for his dimples and his “Yes ma’am” respectful demeanor. He would steer clear of the kitchen avoiding helping with dinner, but he would at least try to set the table (even though your mom would go through and fix the order of the silverware after he was done).

Photo: Korea Dispatch via Fanpop


Jungkook is the sneaky one in this scenario. His cute smile and politeness would have your parents charmed in no time. He would try to be respectful, but would have a hard time keeping his hands off of you. Back hugs in front of everyone, rubbing your thigh through dinner, even trying to sneak kisses when he thought they weren’t looking. One way or another, he would be touching you in some way throughout the entire evening.

Photo: ARMY Amino

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