BTS Members Enjoy a Short Break. Here is What They Are Up To!

It was about time! 

After a couple of end-of-the-year Award Show attendances, lots of trophies and epic performances, the boys finally have a couple of days to their selves. And they are enjoying it! But the boys won’t be the boys if they don’t share their happiness with their beloved ARMYs. Yes, we are lucky to get a glimpse of what they are up to via Twitter. If you haven’t been following their latest updates, we got you covered

Just one day after the unforgettable MAMA 2018 in Japan, Jungkook continued his recent activity on social media by posting yet another selca on twitter. 

The next day, our dear Namjoon decided to go on a tweeting spree, starting with one of his famous song recommendations. This time it is a son by Younha, called “Snail Mail”. Younha is a South Korean singer and producer, who’s music is described as powerful and sentimental. You can listen to the beautiful song here YouTube – and here Spottify –

After the song recommendation, he shared a video of himself walking on the streets of Seoul, obviously being a bit cold, at least judging by his pink nose :). In the video, he is saying that though the weather is nice, it is pretty cold so we should be careful not to catch a cold. Kim Namjoon, stop worrying about us and put a scarf on! 

The same day, we were treated with a photo of RM and JK with Uncle Steve 🙂 It looks like Steve Aoki was in Korea so they managed to catch up and maybe talk about the success of their latest colab, the bop “Waste it on me”. And btw don’t forget to stream “Waste it on me” on Spotify and iTunes

After a couple of days of no twitter activity, on December 20, Jungkook decided to make us all cry by posting the sweetest cover of IU’s song “Ending Scene”. In the clip, he sings one of his favorite singer’s songs with so much emotion that ARMYs all over the world were loosing it. Our shy maknae captioned the tweet with “At the end, i got confused so i messed up…”. What? Don’t be so humble Jungkook, it was perfect! 

The same day we got an update from Suga, finally! Boy got himself a new friend and just had to share his happiness with us :). And if you want to know more about his fancy new friend, his name is ASR88 and he is an Advanced Sampling Recorder, a revolutionary digital sampling keyboard. We didn’t expect anything less from Yoongi. BTW we are still waiting for your next mixtape, AgustD! 

Jin also decided to give us a glimpse on how he spends his free time, sharing photos of him and his pet sugar glider named Gukmul which means Soup in Korean. He seems happy to be able to cuddle with Gukmul-ie :). We don’t even have to mention how cute the photos are! 

J-Hope was the last one to update, sharing a collage of cute photos. Although we didn’t manage to find info on the location where the photos were taken, we are so happy that he is having fun! And how cool are those sneakers! Our fashion king Hobi! 

Lastly, Taehyung’s Hwarang co-starPark Seo Joon, posted on his Instagram a photo of the two of them enjoying a spa day with couple of friends (Choi Woo Shik (Fight My Way), Park Hyung Shik (Hwarang), Park Seo Joon (Hwarang & Fight My Way). They gathered to celebrate Seo Joon’s belated and Tae’s upcoming birthdays. The caption says, “We miraculously able to gather in the midst of busy schedules. We had a short yet powerful day and once again promised to live diligently.” “I want to thank my family, friends, and fans for all the birthday wishes. I will work hard to show my best anywhere I go. I love you.” It is so nice that Taehyung has such a strong friendship with his co-stars and actor friends. 

This is all we have for now, iARMYs. We are so happy the boys are finally resting. Their next appearance and performance is on December 25, at the SBS Gayo Daejeon. 

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Written by Jelena

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