BTS’ Suga to be featured in Lee Sora’s new single

The song, titled 신청곡 (‘Song Request’) will be released on January 22nd

We are excited to share that our lyrical genius Suga, along Epik High’s Tablo, has been working on Lee Sora’s new single! This will be Suga’s first time being featured in another artist’s track ever since he made his debut with BTS.

K-Media reported about the upcoming collaboration, with both Lee Sora’s team and Tablo confirming it on social media. Suga will have a rap feature for which he wrote the lyrics himself. Tablo took part in the track with lyrics and producing. The song is titled “Song Release” and it will be released at 6pm KST on January 22nd. Check out the music video teaser

The song’s lyrics paint the picture of someone who finds something relatable while listening to the radio. “Song Request” will also feature the voice of Yoon Do Hyun through radio DJ narrations.

Lee Sora is a veteran, award winning Korean singer that is known for her unique voice color. This is her second collaboration with Tablo, 8 years after she was featured on a song from his first solo album. Suga also collaborated with Epik High in the past, working on their album “We’ve Done Something Wonderful”.

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Written by Jelena

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