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BTS V Debuts Red Hair on The 2018 MMA’s Red Carpet

Taehyung died his hair red and ARMYS are going crazy!

What a start of this year’s Melon Music Awards! BTS nailed their red carpet looks (all Gucci, yeah!), but V was the one who stole the spotlight with his HOT new RED hair color. Sure, we have seen red haired Taehyung before, but this time the shade is so bright that ARMYS all over the world are going crazy! Twitter is literally on fire.

The boys are going to perform Fake Love, Airplane pt.2 and Idol on a special stage titled “My Story” at the MMAs today, but there are rumors that we might see Jimin’s solo performance and a duet between Jungkook and J-Hope! Stay tuned for all the newest updates.

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Written by Jelena

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