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BTS V’s Hair Evolution: From Debut to Now

Kim Taehyung can literally rock every hair style and color. That’s a fact. 

MMA 2018. BTS V’s debuts hot red hair color and sets the internet on fire. How is it even possible that every hair color suits him so well? The new look took us back to “Save Me” music video and the way his then pinkish-red hair color was moving with the wind….

It is common for idols to change hair styles and colors. BTS are not an exception. We are always excited to see their new hair styles before a comeback, a new music video, concerts… And Taehyung is one of the members who has gone through the most hair style changes. To celebrate all of the different looks through the different BTS eras, we decided to do a timeline of his hair evolution, trying to include all of the hairstyles he has rocked so far…

Pre-debut Taehying Hair Appreciation 

We have to take a moment to appreciate V’s hair pre-debut. His all natural black hair suits him pretty well, and we can see that he loved changing his hairstyle ever since he was a child. From very short  to messy and even asymmetrical bangs, Tae looks cute with all those hairstyles. 

2013 Debut (2 Cool 4 Skool) Blonde/Light Brown Hair

Do you remember BTS’ debut? V was the hidden member. There were no photos or any promo with him included. Then they debut and everyone goes crazy for him. He was only 17 and already very handsome. How can we forget his messy blonde/light brown hair combined with his plump lips and overall masculine look? His hair had a tint of orange for the “No More Dream” music video and went to almost blonde in “We are Bulletproof pt.2”.

2013 O!RUL8,2? (N.O MV) Purple Brunette Hair 

Tae with purple-brunette hair in the N.O. music video was a sight! The whole N.O. concept was so refreshing after the much darker one in 2 Cool 4 Skool. The layered haircut with long bangs along with the purplish brown hair color was a true hit. 

2014 SKOOL LUV AFFAIR (Boy in Luv) Orange Hair

The Orange-Redish brown hair, the school uniform, the bad boy look… V in the Boy in Luv MV was too much! His messy hairstyle and facial expressions truly were the highlight of the video. This is definitely one of Taehyung’s most popular looks. 

2014 DARK & WILD (Danger) Dark Brown Hair

Do you remember when V accidentally cut his own hair while cutting his wig for “Danger” music video? The other members really had fun teasing him. But let’s concentrate on the more important thing from the mv, and that is the return of Tae’s dark brown hair. Combined with tanned skin and leather jacket. So seductive! 

V's dark brown hair in danger

2014 DARK & WILD (War of Hormone) Lavender Hair

Tae is a true eye candy in the War of Hormone music video. He looks so yummy with the slightly longer, messy hair and that lollipop! Though the video is black and white, and V’s hair looks silverish/grey in it, it was actually a very nice shade of lavender. 


V’s hair is black again! The concept photos for “I NEED U” are so dreamy! And so is Taehyung in them, sporting a sleek black hair and long bangs covering his gorgeous eyes. He has the same hairstyle in the music video and it truly works well with the whole concept which is much darker than the one of the jacket photoshoot. 


Glasses, bow tie, shorts and slightly wavy dark brown hair. V is killing us with his cuteness in the “Dope” music video! We really like his hair here, especially the wavy twist. 

2016 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE PT. 2 (RUN) Brown Hair with Green Highlights 

The RUN mv is a masterpiece! Tae’s under water scene is so breathtaking, and so is his green dip dyed hair. We love everything about this hairstyle, the bowl cut, the length, the rich brown color, the teal highlights that turned into mint as the color faded…


This has to be one of Tae’s best hairstyles ever. Layered, fluffy, and all that volume! You just want to stroke that hair so badly, don’t you? The color is so pretty as well, going from a light peach/pink to softer shade of peach. 


For the “Save Me” music video, Taehyung’s hairstyle remained almost the same, but he changed the color to a bright red that faded into strawberry blonde later on. The bright red was really eye catching, so no wonder he brought it back for the 2018 MMA.

2016 WINGS (Blood Sweat & Tears) Blonde Hair

During the filming of the short films for WINGS, Tae’s hair went back to dark brown and then BST MV comes out and bang – he is bleached blonde! He looked enchanting. His hair was slightly longer and messier for the photoshoot but then it got super short for the music video. 

2017 You Never Walk Alone (Spring Day) Light Brown with Highlights 

After going through all that bleaching for BST, V went back to light brown but with a bit of highlights for the Spring Day music video. He had the simple bowl cut and his hair looked very soft. Then for Not Today music video, it got longer and messier. Not to mention that headband. 

2017 Love Yourself: Her (DNA) Brown/Silverish Brown, Longer Hair

During the DNA era, V looked like a real life anime! His hair was quite long, sometimes straight, sometimes messy and sometimes wavy. The color went from brown to light silverish brown. That hair combined with the dangly earrings and colorful clothes was really a hit. 

2018 Love Yourself: Tear (Singularity) Black Mullet 

Taheyung’s intro for Tear is so beautiful. We love “Singularity” cause it is the whole package. His voice, his visuals, the melody, the music video. It is a true masterpiece. But let’s talk about Tae’s black mullet. One of his most controversial hairstyles that truly divided ARMYs’ opinion. Most of them really loved it but some actually didn’t. However, we think he looked very handsome. How can you not like this:

2018 Love Yourself: Tear (Fake Love) Wavy Black Mullet 

The infamous black mullet got a wavy twist for the Fake Love music video. V’s hair was already a bit longer and the waves made it look even softer. He looked like a dark elf, that is a very hot dark elf everyone. You know what i mean right? 

2018 Lotte Family Concert – Blonde Mullet 

After months of sporting natural, dark hair colors, BTS surprised fans with their new hairstyles at the Lotte Family Concert. V’s mullet was wavy still there, but this time it was bleached blond. He looked like a mix from Blood Sweat and Tears and Fake Love eras. 

2018 Love Yourself: Answer (Concept Photos) Strawberry Blonde Hair 

Who can forget BTS’ latest comeback with Love Yourself: Answer? We were so excited when the concept photos were finally out and they were so all so diverse but still very beautiful. One of the highlights of the photos was V’s hair which was now a very soft shade of pink, or strawberry blonde to be more accurate. The haircut remained the same, the style mostly straight but messy. 

2018 Love Yourself: Answer (Idol)

After the long awaited intro for Love Yourself: Answer, Jin’s solo Epiphany, came out, we were anxiously waiting for the leading single of the album. When we got the first glimpse of the Idol music video, we loved the way the boys looked in it. V was especially eye catchy with his two-toned hair. The mullet was gone, and instead we saw a shorter cut, but still with long bangs. One half was colored light pink and the other was blonde. This look really suited Taehyung and the whole concept of the video in general. 

2018 Love Yourself Tour (Chicago-London) Dark Brown to Light Brown

Tae had strawberry blonde to blonde hair at the begining of the Love Yourself world tour. Then he surprised fans by dying his hair dark brown for the concert in Chicago. His hairstyle was very similar to the one in the Singularity music video, just a bit shorter. It made him look more youthful and fans were really liking it. Though it seemed pretty dark at the beginning, the color faded to a lighter brown because of the bleached blonde underneath. 

2018 Love Yourself Tour (Japan) Golden Blonde Hair

V’s hair was back to blonde for their Japanese leg of the Love Yourself Tour. This time the shade was very reach, a beautiful golden blonde.  The haircut remain the same, just a bit longer. 

2018 MMA and Love Yourself Tour Taiwan Hot Red Hair 

The 2018 MMAs were spectacular! At the red carpet, V debuted a new hot red hair color and set ARMYs on fire. Twitter was literally red. This reminded us of his bright red hair color from the Save me era. The red hair color was still there for the two concerts in Taiwan and with the MAMA 2018 coming soon, we can’t help ourselves wondering if the new red hair is actually a hint for the new uocoming era?! 

Which Taehyung’s hairstyle is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section bellow! 

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  1. legit i love all of them. The green highlighted one, reminded me of Izuku from My hero Acadmia (Boku No Hero Academia) and I want to see his hair full on Izuku green. That would make my heart melt, because he would so pull it off. God I love Taehyung so much. I mean, who doesn’t?????

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