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BTS Wears Gucci at The 2018 MMA! See All The Photos!

The boys looked amazing in Gucci outfits on the red carpet at this year’s MMA

We love end of the year awards show! Our boys always surprise us with their red carpet looks and performances. Today they looked very boyish and comfortable in Gucci outfits, reminding us a lot of their style during the HYYH era. Even their hair was on point, with V making fans go crazy with his new hot red hair color, and RM going back to his infamous purple tint.

As for their performance at this year’s Melon Music Awards, be prepared for something iconic! It is confirmed that they are going to perform Fake Love, Airplane pt.2 and Idol (in Hanboks!) on a special stage titled “My Story”. Also, there are rumors that there will be a solo performance by Jimin as well as a duet between Jungkook and J-Hope. Jimin posted on fancafe last night saying that he has so much new things to show us and that we should be excited about today’s performance. We can’t wait! Even RM teased Jimin on the red carper today saying that he will be on fire today.

Here are all the red carpet photos. Stay tuned for all the latest updates!

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Written by Jelena

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