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Dicon vol.10 Park Jimin Cut: Interview & Photobook

Dicon magazine vol.10 is finally out!

We’ll be sharing each member’s individual interviews and photos, starting with Park Jimin.

In his interview, Jimin talks about how dancing is a way of expressing music, how he always confines in his members and that he’s the one in the group who is always late. Also, find out how he has the members’ names saved on his phone and how he practices hard kn hope of offline concerts happening soon…

Q: Your unique voice is charming. How do you work hard on for vocals? For example, ways to care for your throat?

Jimin: I don’t have any methods other than continuing to let out sounds so that my voice can sound even more charming.

Q: You’re especially known for having a pretty dancing line (figure/bodyline). What are you most mindful of while dancing?

Jimin: I try to express the music at that moment, because I think dance is one way of expressing music.

Q: We can’t not talk about Billboard. You’re rewriting pop history. It’s cliche, but we’re curious about your thoughts (on it).

Jimin: I’m so thankful to ARMY. I want to make even better music to return this feeling of gratitude. I think, “I have do to better, I want to do better.”

Q: Could there be any more dreams to fulfill? They say, “Now just the Grammys left”.

Jimin: Just like now, I want to keep doing this job happily for a long long time.

Q: I heard the members’ participation in the new album was high. We’re curious about the album preparation process.

Jimin: We grasped the directionality while talking amongst the members a lot. The talk of “how about we put the emotions we’re feeling now into the album” came up, so I think this album contains a lot of our stories.

Q: BTS “goes on” from now on too. What things can we anticipate?

Jimin: I think our music, our performances, and also ourselves may mature.

Q: Jimin always feels like “clarity (/brightness)”. Even though surely, you must have times when you struggle too.

Jimin: I confide in the members. Confiding (feelings) and saying them is the best way to stabilize them.

Q: From now, the smaller questions. What’s the most recent thing you’ve “flexed” for yourself?

Jimin: Hm, I bought and ate a lot of beef!

Q: If there’s something that “I’m (at least/this much) the best at”?

Jimin: I’m the best at being late/slow!

Q: Saved names of the members on your phone?

Jimin: Moni hyung, Jinnie hyung, Suga hyung, Hoseokie hyung, Kim Taehyung, Maknae Jeon Jeongguk.

Q: Any artist or playlist you love recently to recommend?

Jimin: I like the album by the artist “Sufjan Stevens”.

Sujfan Stevens on Spotify

Q: Again, a new sun is rising. What kind of year do you wish for to rise in 2021?

Jimin: I’m going to improve my weak physical strength, and practice a lot too. Offline concerts will open again soon, won’t they? When that happens I want to do all my best.

credit: translations by sora. Follow them on twitter accurate and up to date translations

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