“I’m your hope, I’m your angel, I’m J-HOPE!”

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Moto: “If you don’t work hard, there won’t be a good result.”

Jung Ho-seok 정호석

JAKA: J-Hope (제이홉) (stage name), and often referred to as Hobi by fans.

Ho-seok was born on February 18, 1994 in Gwangju, SouthKorea. He is the only son in the family and he has one older sister. Before debut with BTS, he was already a locally famous underground dancer in a group called NEURON.
ARMY considers him to be a warm ball of sunshine because of his positive attitude, bright smile, and bouncy, charismatic dancing. He chose J-Hope as his stage name because he has a desire to be an inspiration of hope and light to fans. His role in BTS is diverse and ranges from show stopping dancer, quick witted rapper, and charming singer.

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J-Hope & BTS
J-Hope was the third member to join BTS, following RM and Suga, and he has always been an integral part of the development of the group’s music. Originally joined the group as a singer, but decided to join the rapline instead. He released his first solo mixtape, “Hope World” on March 1st,2018, which debuted at number 63 on the Billboard 200, and peaked at number 38.These Billboard rankings made him the highest charting Korean solo artist at the time.
We observed a whole different side of our ray of sunshine at the 2018 MAMA’s when he broke down during his acceptance speech for Artist of the Year. His generally perky demeanor was set aside as he expressed his worries and concerns for perfect performances for the fans and the struggles he and the other members had to face this year.


This different view of J-Hope is evident in his BT21 character, Mang, with which he struggled with the initial design of the character, but ultimately decided that it needed to be a representation of himself. He wanted Mang to be a very cute horse, and he described the character as having a lot of secrets, never knowing what you will find under the mask.

Other BTS members say that he plays a crucial role in the group, sharing leadership responsibilities with RM and motivating the group.While facing his own issues, it bothers him more when other members struggle,so he tries to maintain a positive attitude and offer strength to them. In contrast, J-Hope has said that Suga is his confidant and the source of his strength.

J-Hope has a taste for the finer things in life as evidenced by his expensive taste in clothes and accessories. Suga has pointed this out in multiple interviews and in the recent advertisement for the Hyundai PALISADE,J-Hope’s watch had a bigger sticker price than the vehicle the group was endorsing.

Ideal type: thoughtful, good at cooking, and likes to read.He wants someone he can read and discuss books with.

Extra: J-Hope is EXTRA EXTRA:

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