?Jin makes a remarkable donation to celebrate his birthday!

Wow! Yet another loving and caring action from our Kim Seokjin!

Jin celebrated his birthday by making a lovely and thoughtful donation!

The animal protection group named the Korean Animal Welfare Association, earlier today wrote the following on their official website: “BTS’s Jin has sent our animal friends food, bowls, and blankets.” They added, “We are grateful for the donated items! Thank you so much for being with our animal friends.”

Big Hit later confirmed that Jin made this meaningful donation himself by going out, buying the things that he then sent to help the abandoned dogs at the shelter.

ARMY Donation

Today, 4th of December is Seokjin’s birthday. This was celebrated by fans all over the world in various ways. One was a donation to the city of Gwacheon in Gyeonggi Province, Jin’s hometown. They received 344 sets of female hygiene products worth 6 million KRW (5,390 USD) from ARMY’s to mark the date.

The city of Gwacheon revealed that ARMY’s reached out to them saying “We hope Jin’s warm heart and sincerity can also be delivered through this donation.”

It’s great to see so much good coming from our Seokjin’s special day.

Happy JinDay. We all hope that you have had a lovely birthday!

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