Jungkook in Minor Car Accident

Both parties are OK without any major injuries!

Both parties made it out the minor car accident without any major injuries and BigHit has since given a statement.

Was Driving Through Hannam

On the 2nd of November Jungkook had been driving his car, a Mercedes Benz, through Hannam in the Yongsan District of Seoul Read and got into a minor car accident by hitting a taxi driver’s car.

No Major Injuries

Thankfully, none of the parties sustained any major injuries but were both taken to hospital where they were treated for minor bruises.

The Maknae was reportedly questioned at Seoul Yongsan Police Station where he was questioned about violating the Road Traffic Act Read. He admitted his fault in the indecent and settled with the other driver.

A source from the police said that Jungkook was found to not have been driving under the influence of alcohol after he completed a sobriety test.

BigHit’s Statement

As the company usually does, they released a statement saying,
“We cannot reveal the details as the case has not been closed by the police. However, last week, while driving in his own car, due to his own mistake, Jungkook had a fender-bender with another vehicle. Both the injured party and Jungkook did not have major injuries.

It goes on to say,
“Immediately after the accident, he admitted his violation of the Road Traffic Act and left a statement at the police station according to a lawful procedure, and resolved the case through settlement with the other party.
We once again apologize to the other driver and to the fans for making them concerned.”

Taking Ownership

We’re happy that both parties are OK and that Jungkook is taking responsibility and owning up to his part in the accident.

An accident is always scary whether it’s big or small. So, let’s show our Maknae our support and be happy they’re both OK!

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  1. Jungguk I love you and I’m glad to know that your okay and everybody else is,but Kookie you have to be more careful okay your my Oppa and I don’t want anything to happen to you or the other members so promise me you’ll do better okay. And remember ARMY LOVES YOU and the OTHERS
    so always think about ARMY and be happy you have us ARMY is nothing without you guys so THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.LOVE KAYLIE

Written by Felicia

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