Sometimes it’s just unbelievable. Maybe we had a bit of luck, but we do our best and keep working no matter what. Our fans have supported us so much – they really love us, and we hope to go even higher from here.”- 2017 Elle Magazine Interview

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Real Name: Jeon Jeong-Guk

Nicknames: Golden Maknae, Kookie, Jungshook, Jungkookie

Birthday: September 1, 1997

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 5’10”

Blood Type: A


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Jeon Jeong-Guk, known better by his stage name Jungkook, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and producer. He is the main vocalist, center and sub-rapper for BTS.

Jungkook is the youngest member in the band, born on September 1, 1997 in Busan. When he was younger, he attended Baekyang Elementary school and Middle school. He has an older brother named Jeon Jung Hyun who he grew up with, with his mother and father.

When he was a little kid, his first dream was to become a professional Badminton player. It wasn’t until he listened to G-Dragon from BIGBANG when his dream of becoming a singer unfolded. Thank you G-Dragon. Thank you so much. I’m sure I’m not alone here.

Before becoming a trainee, Jungkook received offers from seven different companies before deciding to sign on with BigHit Entertainment. When he became a trainee in BTS, he attended the School of Performing Arts in Seoul and graduated in 2017.

In 2012 before their debut as a band, Jungkook was sent to Los Angles during the summer to train separately. It was said that though his dancing was really good, he never showed emotion and needed to learn how to do so. Below is an image of Jungkook in L.A.

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Due to how shy and timid Jungkook was, he almost didn’t debut with BTS according to their producer and CEO Bang Shihyuk. In the beginning when asked to sing, Jungkook would cry and shut down.

It was evident in the early days how shy Jungkook was. Any time the camera was on BTS, he would let his Hyungs do the talking (Hyung: A Korean word used to address older men. As Jungkook is the youngest, all other members in BTS are his Hyungs). Because of how shy and timid he was and sometimes still is, the term Jungshook was created by ARMY.  

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Whenever Jungkook was caught off guard, confused, or feeling out of place, he tended to make this face. It’s a face he still makes, though less often. Fans began to use the term referring to themselves as well. Anytime they feel surprised, the phrase “you got me Jungshook!” has become very popular. I know I have personally said it at work. My coworkers have no idea who BTS are. That was an awkward day (alright fine, I’ve done it more than once).  

One of the most memorable moments from interviews with Jungkook that I’ve seen would be when they were asked questions like “What foods do you like that you can’t get in Korea?” where the boys all did a terrible job of answering (J-Hope saying “And Sprite!” is one of my favorite lines). The next question asked was “Do you put name tags on your clothes so they don’t get mixed up?” And Jungkook became excited, so RM passed him the mic. Jungkook then sat there staring blankly, unsure of what to say until RM eventually took the mic back.

He’s trying now, which makes all of the difference. I may have watched that video upwards of a hundred times by now.


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Jungkook was 15 when BTS debuted in 2013. Since then, he has released two solo songs. Begin, from the Wings album in 2016. And Euphoria, from the Love Yourself album in 2018. Euphoria charted for 11 weeks straight on the Gaon Digital Chart.

He has also received credit as the main producer for the songs Love is Not Over from the album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1” and Magic Shop from the “Love Yourself: Tear” album in 2018.

Outside of music for BTS, Jungkook is known for his cover songs. Some of the artists he has covered include Justin Bieber (2U, Purpose), Adam Lavine (Lost Stars), and Charlie Puth (We Don’t Talk Anymore). He even gained Charlie Puth’s attention and was able to perform with him at the Genie Music Awards in 2018. And that suit that Jungkook wore that night? Uhm, guys. Drool. Anyway, back to focusing on this bio.

Other members in BTS have said throughout the years that in the beginning, Jungkook was always shy around them. For a while, he would only speak formally to them and was uncomfortable joining in on the joking and teasing. From a recent interview for the 2018 Festa: True Happiness List, Jungkook said one of the things that makes him most happy is now teasing his Hyungs even though he doesn’t do it that often. Other things on the list included the feeling after working out, shopping online, playing video games right after waking up and eating really good food. Which after saying that made him hungry. (It was really adorable.)

BTS members have also said that they have opened up and shared things that are hard for them; struggles they go through. Jungkook never had any. He works so hard and refuses to accept defeat. It wasn’t until he witnessed his Hyungs going through hardships that he himself realized that he struggles when the other members struggle. Wanting to help the other members smile and be happy is very important to him.

Because of how young Jungkook was when he became a member of BTS, he often says that he feels like the other members raised him. They were the influences that he had to look up to. In the BTS Backstage Pass edition of J-14, Jungkook says “I’ve changed a lot, for sure- I couldn’t even talk [in interviews] before. I kept watching the Hyungs doing interviews from the side and as time went by, I started talking little by little and eventually was able to do interviews. Hyungs really made me.”  

As the center for the BTS dance line, Jungkook has a lot of pressure on him. Recently, the Youtube series “Burn The Stage.” came out in segments before it became a movie. In one of the episodes, it shows how Jungkook became sick during the Wings tour.

RM said when this happened that it put a lot of pressure on making a decision on what to do. Jungkook isn’t someone who can be replaced even by other members picking up slack if something were to happen. He’s one of a kind, and when he got sick we as fans saw what BTS go through as idols and what they have to push through in order to get the job done.

Jungkook was interviewed later on when he recuperated and said that each performance needs to have the same energy as the performance before that.

We don’t know when we’re going to come back. And we only had two days of shows. So I worked myself until my body couldn’t take it anymore.

I knew my body wasn’t in good shape before we started. My body knew it and I knew it. But I sang with only this thought in mind: That I won’t be able to see them again for a long time.Burn the Stage Youtube Series, Ep 2


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Jungkook loves playing Overwatch

He doesn’t like to lose

His favorite colors are red, black and white

His favorite foods are anything with bread or meat

He knows about Jungshook

Jungkook loves making fun of Jimin’s height

Jungkook loves to draw, play soccer, and record videos

His favorite number is 1

JK has said that he would date Jin if Jin were a girl

Our golden maknae knows Taekwondo (black belt)

He is said to be a very good cook

JK likes shoes and makeup

He dislikes bugs, getting hurt, tasteless things, and studying

Jungkook speaks Japanese and English (basic)

He knows how to b-boy

The maknae was a handball player before joining BTS

He wants to either be a tattoo artist or own a duck meat restaurant

Jungkook loves Iron Man

He can play games on two computers at once

He said that he relates most to V as their personalities are very similar

JK ranked 13th in “Top 100 Most Handsome Faces Of 2017”

“Living without passion is like being dead”

Written by Winter