LINE FRIENDS CREATORS first project BT21 was created in collaboration with KPOP Idols BTS.  8 different characters were created by the BTS members who participated in the whole process from start to finish. The characters were born late September 2017 at a LINE Friends store. BTS’s experience creating the characters was uploaded to Youtube on the BT21 channel.

Episode 1 of the creation of BT21. Video Credit-BT21( Line Friends)

Why BTS?

According to BT21 webpage, “BTS, the first artist to join the ‘FRIENDS CREATORS’ Project, is a creator that shows connection in terms of the global character brand LINE FRIENDS’ keywords: Global, Millennials and Trending. BTS has high popularity and strong influence in the world, and are great storytellers of our time who can share the story of ‘development in IP’.”

Group name BT21

The name BT21 was inspired by Suga’s comment when he said the characters should represent both BTS and the 21st century. He said they should live for the next 100 years.



Tata was created by Taehyung (V). Tata is a heart shaped alien from BT planet and has transforming powers. He can talk in an alien language. He is super curious about everything.He has detachable lips. To keep his V-line face shape he uses a roller.


RJ is Jin’s creation. He is a kind alpaca that often wears a parka. He says, “paca-paca”. The other members say Jin looks like an alpaca. He especially looks like Jin when Jin eats.


Cooky was created by Jungkook who is also nicknamed Cooky. He is a rabbit with an attitude that loves to workout. He imagines when he is angry that he turns into a huge muscle man. When he straightens his ear his muscle expand. When he is hungry he eats Shooky.


Shooky is Cooky’s best friend created by Suga. Jungkook wanted Cooky to also have a cookie which was the inspiration for Shooky. He hates milk. Suga originally wanted to draw his dog Holly but it looked too similar to other characters. The LINE designers created Shooky based off of Suga’s draws of different expressions of Holly.


Chimmy is Jimin’s character. He is a passionate puppy that tries hard at everything. He wears a yellow hoodie and loves food. He can also headbutt. According to Jimin, Chimmy represents the band’s overall image.


Mang is J-Hope’s creation. He is a dancing pony that wears a mask. He loves to dance and shop. When he is sad tears fall from his nose. His nose is a heart shaped because J-Hopes lips look like a heart when he laughs. In Korean “Mang” means a pony and to fail. Hui(mang) means hope.


Koya is a sleepy blue koala created by BTS leader RM. He is smart but when he is deeply thinking he looks sleepy. He sleeps a lot. When he is surprised or when he sneezes his ears fall off. He is an Instagram addict and loves taking teary selfies. V once said purple represents love which became the inspiration for Koya’s purple nose.


Van was created by Line Friends and is supposed to represent Army. He is the bond that connects all seven friends. He is also from BT planet and was made by Tata. He is a genderless robot that shows no emotion.

Video Credit- BT21 (Line Friends).

How did BT21 friends come together? According to the BT21 webpage, “From the far distant space, TATA was always curious about everything across the universe. During his journey with VAN, they fell down to Earth accidentally.” When visiting earth Tata saw BTS. He was in awe of their popularity so he created a rival group. He recruited the most charming members RJ, Chimmy, Cooky, Mang, Shooky, Koya to create the most perfect idol group UNIVERSTAR BT21.


Info was collected from BT21 webpage, Metro Entertainment, and multiple Army’s on the Quora question “What is BT21?”.

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