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Mattel is Bringing BTS Dolls to Millions Around The World!

#BTSDollsOfficial to be released this Summer!

Wow. We are getting BTS Barbies (or rather Kens?!) this summer. I don’t know what to do with that info. I am shook. Twitter is shook.

So, during the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, the U.S. toy manufacturing company Mattel announced that they will be teaming up with BTS and BigHit to create fashion dolls made in BTS’s image. They stated: “We have signed a multi-category license contract with BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment, and we plan to create a variety of items such as dolls, collectible figurines, toys, games, and roleplaying items. The collaboration collection is set to be released this summer, and it will be the first collection to include dolls created around the likeness of BTS’s members. The outfits of the dolls will be based on those that BTS wore in their ‘Idol’ music video.”

Sejal Shah Miller, vice president and global brand general manager of Mattel, stated, “BTS is a cultural phenomenon who transcends age, culture, and language, and through this partnership, we hope to create a new way for people around to world to connect with BTS. The cornerstone of our strategy is to partner with established franchises that have global appeal, and we believe that Mattel’s creative expertise will create a product that properly celebrates BTS.”

#BTSDollsOfficial will be released internationally this summer & will cost $19.99!

The price is ok, i guess. But as we are also getting collectibles, toys, games and, uhm, roleplaying items?! Oh, well, ARMYs are doomed to be broke. Anyways, here are some of the most hilarious reactions to he #BTSDollsOfficial on twitter. And i know you all will be totally buying them!

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Written by Jelena

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