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Predictions: What Will BTS Wear at The Grammys 2019 Red Carpet?

The Boys will RULE the Grammys Red Carpet and We Know It!

Ever since BigHit confirmed that BTS will be attending these year’s Grammy Awards on Feb.10, i can’t stop thinking about what will the boys wear at the Red Carpet? They are the biggest fashion kings, always rocking the most amazing outfits from the most famous fashion designers, ruling every red carpet they walk. But, i wonder if they choose to go with the classic black & tie or opt for a braver, more fashionable look?

At this end of the year award show ceremonies in Korea we have seen them wearing the latest collections from Gucci, DIOR, BERLUTI, to Paul Smith and Valentino. DIOR even tweeted about the boys wearing their Summer 2019 Collection at the MAMA 2018 red carpet.

We have seen many stunning Spring/Summer 2019 menswear collections presented at the fashion weeks all around the world. Some of them truly stood up, setting the trends for the upcoming season. I will try to guess which of the many praised collection will BTS’ stylists choose for the upcoming Grammys’ red carpet, based on their style so far, as well as the reviews for the collections by renowned fashion magazines and bloggers. Let’s get it…

Alexander McQueen

Trench coats were the highlight of Alexander McQueen SS19 collection, coming in cropped, two-tone and spliced sleeve iterations. They were worn over perfectly tailored suits in shades of grey. I can totally see the stylists choosing some of the outfits from this collection as i don’t believe they will go for something over the board for a ceremony such as the Grammys.

Just imagine Joon rocking this look:

And i can totally see J-Hope in this:

Suga would look so good in this one:

Only V could be able to pull this one (and i would die to see him in it)

How about Jin in this:

And i will let my self go a bit wild here, letting my wishes rule over my sense by choosing these stunning all leather outfits for Jungkook and Jimin…



Yves Saint Laurent

I would love nothing more than the boys to go all dirty glamour with YSL’s SS19 collection, inspired by the 70s. Think New York and Studio 54…. Here are my picks:

For RM i would go with this

Jin will look great in this outfit:

Uh, Yoongi in that shirt and with that hat…

Hobi in that jacket….

This is the IT look for Jimin!

Taehyung would look so good in this, if only his hair was as long!

This is my choice for Jungkook


I had to include the Balmain SS19 collection by the one and only Olivier Rousteing inspired by none other than the King of Pop – Michael Jackson! I would love love love to see the boys in some of these outfits, including sequined jackets, red leather bikers and cricket blazers in black and white.

Namjoon would look so cool in one of these outfits:

These two are my picks for Jin

Yoongi would look yummy in these, don’t you agree?

Hoseok would kill it in one of these two…

As for V, i really like these looks, though they are toooo different – i know! But Taehyung in a red leather jacket, how could i resist?

Would love to see one of these on my boy Jimin:

And finally, JK would look like the prince of k-pop that he is in one of these:

Dolce & Gabbana

Though i am not a great fan of them as people, because of their homophobic statements regarding the right of gay people to adopt children, i can’t deny the fact that their SS19 collection is one of my favorites and i find it to be a perfect choice for BTS’ red carpet appearance at the Grammys. Perfectly tailored suits, black tuxedos, lace and printed silk… The collection reminds a lot of the Blood, Sweat and Tears era and call me biased, but it is my favorite look.

Namjoon can rock both of these styles effortlessly…

These two outfits would fit Jin perfectly!

I love choosing a potential outfit for Hoseok because he is such a fashion king and always looks so stylish. Here are my picks…

For Yoongi i choose these two looks…

Jimin would look fabulous in these…

Uh i really like what i chose for Taehyung

And lastly, Jungkook who has such a great body that can wear literally anything. These are my picks…

There are so many more fabulous collection to have fun with, but these are definitely my favourites and i hope the stylists will choose at least some of the looks. What do you think? Do you like my picks, would you choose differently? Talk to me in the comments section or on twitter

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Written by Jelena

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