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Real or Not? Everything You Need To Know About Jimin’s “Nevermind” Tattoo

Jimin is sporting a “Nevermind” tattoo again, but is it a permanent one or just temporary?

Who can forget BTS’ performance at the MAMA’s in 2014? Jimin flaunted his perfectly sculpted abs along some tattoos that were actually spoilers for the HYYH series. One of them was the famous “Nevermind” tattoo (Nevermind was the intro song for the HYYH pt.2 album, performed by the rap line). If you by any chance haven’t seen this epic performance, do it now!

Now, couple of weeks ago a tweet from a Seoul based tattoo artist surfaced, claiming Jimin visited his studio to get a tattoo. Fans went crazy, but the op later deleted the tweet which showed Jimin in the studio (wearing face mask) and explained that he came with one his managers for some consultations for temporary tattoos for end of the year performances. It seems like the members usually get their temporary tattoos for performance purposes at his tattoo studio.

Then, at this year’s MGAs a fansite noticed the return of the “Nevermind” tattoo on Jimin’s body, clearly visible under his white shirt. Of course, fans went crazy again and theories started brewing, the main question being is the tattoo real or not?

Things got even more confusing when fans attending the concerts in Japan noticed that the tattoo is still there, so many of them now think that the tattoo is actually permanent. It is known that temporary tattoos don’t last very long, being in their top form only for the first few weeks, and lasting up to 1-2 months, but today there are all kinds of semi-permanent tattoos that last 3, 6 or even up to 12 months. This means that the only way we will find out if the tattoo is permanent or temporary is by waiting. Chances are that if Jimin shows the tattoo on this year’s MAMA, it might be only temporary. If he doesn’t, then maybe it is a permanent one, though tattoos are still considered a taboo in South Korea.

We think that BTS is going to have a throwback stage of all of their performances at this year’s MAMAs, so the tattoo is for that purpose and is temporary. But who can know for certain??? What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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