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Which BTS Member is Your Perfect Boyfriend?

Have you ever wondered how would it be like to date one of the BTS members? Will your bias be your ideal boyfriend? We have the answer!

This fun quiz will tell you which BTS member would be your perfect boyfriend, by calculating how similar you are to each one of them and to their ideal girlfriend type. We know that each member has a unique personality so let’s find one which one you relate the most…

p.s. photos in the quiz results credit to DeviantArt user dlazaru

  • What type of personality do you have?

    • Introvert (you prefer to be alone)
    • Extrovert (you like being with people)
    • Ambivert (you are a mix of both of the above)
    • Shy (you are afraid of what others think of you)
  • What type of guy do you usually go out with?

    • The popular athlete
    • The smart one
    • The badass type
    • The weirdest one
    • The most handsome
    • The most fun
    • The hottest one
  • You are on a holiday, what do you do?

    • Visit your parents
    • Go fishing with your friends
    • Visit art galleries and museums
    • Hang out with your best friend
  • What is the first thing you notice on a guy?

    • His eyes
    • His lips
    • His body
    • His clothes
    • His brain
    • His face
    • His talent
  • Which one of these describes you best…

    • Cute
    • Smart
    • Sporty
    • Artsy
    • Caring
  • Which is your favorite color?

    • Black
    • Pink
    • Green
    • Purple
    • White
    • Blue
    • Red
  • What is your favorite food?

    • Lobster
    • Meat
    • Lamb skewers
    • Hamburger
    • Stew
    • Pizza
    • Japchae
  • How would you describe your style?

    • Comfy
    • Sporty
    • Sexy
    • Fashionable
    • Simple
  • What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

    • Play video games
    • Read books
    • Play with your pet
    • Sleep
    • Go shopping
  • What does your perfect date look like?

    • Walking on the beach, holding hands
    • Staying home, listening to music
    • Seating on a bench, cuddling
    • Cooking a meal together
  • Choose the cutest of them all!

    • Puppy
    • Bunny
    • Crab
    • Baby
  • Which one would you buy?

    • Top Quality Headphones
    • Fancy Yeezy Sneakers
    • RJ Pajamas
    • High Tech Camera

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  1. I got bad boy Suga. It’s description of what I’m probably like is spot on, so the answer must be right, even though I’ve never gotten Suga as an answer before.

  2. Wow…I can’t believe I got Jhope. We actually have quite similar personality. (>_<) 😀 Love u Jhope!

  3. I got Jimin. Earlier I used to get always Jungook or V, and I dont like them much, this quiz is better. At least I’m not getting something different:D

  4. I knew it would be Jimin. ‘Cause we both looooove to TALK. Special trait of mine I look in for a guy 😉

  5. I cannot believe!!! This is my first time when I truly with my whole heart answered honestly and got Namjoon.

  6. I got Jungkook !
    It’s a fun quiz which really makes you think about what you really do and feel.
    The description ,of what I´m probably like, is actually spot on! And I also found out, that I have the same hobbies as him, which is actually quite funny! 🙂


  8. ✌😃😃😋 I got 태형 💜💜💜according to this quiz. I just feel wow hehe coz he is my bias 우와… 정말 기뻤어요 😅 사랑해.. 태태

  9. i talked honnestly and i got hobie acctully i know that i have the same things as him but my bias is jimin sooo

  10. OMG!! I got Jin for the results guys!!! Finally, My Most Top Worldwide Handsome Man, Kim Seokjin has found his way back! ☺️🥰🥰 I say.. •~ “Whatever Our Souls Are Made Of, His And Mine Are The Same”, ~ .. How lucky am i, If u notice and reading this JIN OPPA! Its okay, i still want to confess that, ❤️ ❤️ Na neol hang-sang sah-rang hal-ko-ya !!! Kiss & Hugs!! 😘😘 😂😇💘💘💝❤️

    ( D.H2404 )
    Malaysia 🇲🇾

  11. I got a Suga. I was really surprised as I usually got Jungkook or V. I did it again but with the opposite to what I am and turns out RM likes the complete opposite to me. I’m very similar to Yoongi and i feel we would be a perfect match.

  12. got V i’m honestly just like him XD I love children (Like a lot) and i love my family! though i’m a super introvert and my (2) friends wouldn’t consider me a social butterfly in a million years!!

  13. Surprisingly I got Jungkook! Before I took this quiz I was like, watch me get a member of the maknae line. And I got the golden maknae. But my bias is Namjoon. Jk and I do have similar personalities, it’s just that I figured he would be more of a best friend or older brother if you know what I mean.

  14. I have taken hundreds of tests and have not gotten jhope on any of them and cried a bit. I finally got him, and the description was spot on. I can leave happy.

  15. You got: Jimin (Park Jimin) My love aaaaaa 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    Our cute Mochi is well known for his warm and caring personality. He is usually very playful and noisy and who can resist his eye smile? We would all benefit from having someone like Jimin in our lives. But, it is also obvious that Jimin has matured a lot and we can often see him being pretty reserved and even shy. It is amazing how he can change from that to being sexy and hot and self-confident when he is performing. He would like to date a girl with a big heart, who loves to cuddle and most importantly a girl who truly loves him. She needs to smaller and shorter than him and to know how to respond to his moves without being shy because our ChimChim is a very flirty man.
    If you got Jimin as your perfect boyfriend you are the type of person who is always there for the one she loves. Simple things make you happy and you enjoy any type of skinship. You also love taking photos and videos to preserve the precious moments in life. Your perfect date would be walking in the countryside while holding hands or sitting on a bench and drinking together.

  16. l membro da BTS é seu namorado perfeito?

    Você tem: Jimin (Park Jimin)
    My love aaaaa💙💙💙💙💙💙
    Nosso fofo Mochi é bem conhecido por sua personalidade calorosa e carinhosa. Ele costuma ser muito brincalhão e barulhento e quem consegue resistir ao sorriso de seus olhos? Todos nós nos beneficiaríamos de ter alguém como Jimin em nossas vidas. Mas, também é óbvio que Jimin amadureceu muito e muitas vezes podemos vê-lo sendo bastante reservado e até mesmo tímido. É incrível como ele pode mudar isso para ser sexy e quente e auto-confiante quando ele está realizando. Ele gostaria de namorar uma garota com um grande coração, que gosta de abraçar e, mais importante, uma garota que realmente o ama. Ela precisa ser menor e mais baixa que ele e saber como reagir aos seus movimentos sem ser tímida, porque nosso Chimchim é um homem muito sedutor.
    Se você tem Jimin como seu namorado perfeito, você é o tipo de pessoa que está sempre lá para quem ela ama. Coisas simples fazem você feliz e você gosta de qualquer tipo de skinship. Você também adora tirar fotos e vídeos para preservar os momentos preciosos da vida. Seu encontro perfeito seria andar no campo, de mãos dadas ou sentado em um banco e bebendo juntos.

  17. I always get RM and I’m not mad about it. Love all the members so freakin much, but they just something bout Namjoon, I guess ❤️💞😍

  18. Omg I can’t believe I got PARK JIMIN because I really love him with all of my heart and I promise myself that I will only take him and i will not replace him with anyone in his place.

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