?Speak Yourself. Thank You, BTS! UPDATE

And more information about a new exciting part of the project!

The earth is 4.5 billion years old and yet i still get to live in the same time as BTS.

I’m so grateful.

Norweigian ARMY

Around a month ago, we started our project: Speak Yourself, Thank you, BTS!
The reactions have been amazing and we are so excited to read all of them and then share them with the rest of you!

Your stories have touched us and, like you, we would want nothing more than the boys knowing how much they mean to all of us so we also have something else planned. “Speak Yourself, Thank You, BTS“, the Book!
Continue reading for more information about the Book as well as the main post featuring your stories.

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Let us start by saying thank you!
To all of you that have been sharing your stories and videos with us.
All of you who have been translating the project and then sharing it with fellow ARMY’s.
Thank you to all of you for the wonderful support!

It’s truly amazing to see what Bangtan Boys are doing for people all over the world. Even more so, how they bring people together. We feel honored and grateful that you have trusted your stories with us and been brave enough to share with all of us.

I felt as if I was watching my life pass me by. I wasn’t being an active participant in the very life I should have control over and it was BTS that made me stand up and decide to move.


The Main Post

Thank You, BTS

The videos with ARMY’s saying thank you will be complied into one that we will feature in the end of the project.

Speak Yourself

We are currently going through your submissions and building the main post with your insfiring stories!
We are trying to get this done as fast as possible within the start of this year and it will be one post filled with stories from all over the world.

Thank you again to everyone that has participated!

You saved me because before I knew you, I was a girl who felt no happiness, no emotion because I hid under a mask, just trying to please others so that they would accept me.

Reunion Island ARMY
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Speak Yourself, Thank You, BTS – the Book

A lot of touching and beautiful stories have been received and tears have been shed!
We were thinking and decided that more than sharing your stories with our fellow ARMY’s, we want to try everything we can to get them to the boys.

Our idea is to create a physical book filled with all of your stories and then send this to BigHit and the boys by mail.

We will also create an e-book that will be available for free here at!

Want your story added?

Didn’t have time to send in your submission on time? Don’t worry!
We have decided to remove the deadline for now so that we can fill the Book with even more of your stories! This means that you’re still able to send us your stories and videos for a while longer. We will keep gather stories for a while longer and then let you know as soon as a deadline will be set.

To see more information about the project and how to submit your story, see the original project post.

Credit: Instagram ARMY – _farina_amishaa_

We purple you!

Let’s make this even better and try to give some love back to the boys after everything they have done and are doing for us!

Thank you, BTS and thank you, ARMY, for continuing to speak yourselves!

Fighting, ARMY! ?

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