“Taking the Plunge”: Top 5 ways to recruit ARMY

Recruiting your friends to the world of BTS takes skill, patience, and careful strategy. Sometimes it goes as fluidly as an Olympic diver off the highest platform, other times… it’s more like a belly flop. Here are our TOP 5 Techniques for Recruiting Your Friends to ARMY.

Photo Source: BTS Burn the Stage via ARMY Amino

Cannon Ball – Much like the Cannon Ball dive your friend is a willing participant in their own “jump” into the world of BTS. Maybe you like a little BTS on road trips or you sneak their songs into a party playlist. At some point or another your friend has shown mild interest or has at least tolerated your choice of music when hanging out. Indicators of interest include head bopping, humming along, and BTS GIF text messages. Just like that initial jump into the pool, they can end up in over their head quickly! Thankfully they have you to guide them back to the surface for air as you share songs, videos, and experiences together. Song suggestion: IDOL, Airplane pt. 2, GoGo, or an equally hummable tune.

Belly Flop – It could be an “accidental” stumble, like maybe you just “happened” to leave your browser open to a great BTS bop when you passed your laptop or tablet to your friend. Or maybe an “oops, wrong person” video link. Somehow you accidentally-on-purpose share a glimpse of your world with your friend who then falls hard, fast, and painfully in love with BTS. The initial sting of The Belly Flop is the moment your friend is hit with the full force of the boys’ beauty and talent as their bias chooses them, not the other way around. The Belly Flop requires an intense, in your face musical introduction; Song suggestion: FIRE, Mic Drop, or Not Today.

Photo Source: BTS Burn the Stage

The Pusher – There’s always one person at the pool party who acts like they don’t want to get wet but enjoys torturing their friends around them with a sneaky shove from behind. Catching your friend completely off guard you immerse them into the deep end with a bombardment of BTS videos, interviews, and pictures. A tried and true technique, full immersion by taking them to the Love Yourself Seoul movie/concert, has great success. If you don’t have the full concert at your fingertips, a great song suggestion for this technique is Blood, Sweat, and Tears or FAKE LOVE. Just let the visuals do the rest.

Toe Dipper – Just like someone who steps a toe into the edge of the pool to get the temperature, the Toe Dipper technique is gentle, easy, and little bits at a time. This technique is best used for people who are not as open minded or interested. You have to be strategic, helping them get their toe, then their knees, then in the water up to their waist, without scaring them. You constantly have to be considering this from their point of view and be prepared for them to back out a couple of times. Begin with one or two ballads buried deep within a playlist. Songs with more English lines will help them connect faster, you definitely don’t want something intense and in their face. Toe Dipper song suggestions: Steve Aoki collaboration Waste It On Me, or songs with positive messages like Epiphany or Answer: Love Myself.

Photo Source:
2015 BTS Summer Package in Kota Kinabalu via FanPop

The Flinch – This technique is so useful that it was placed in its own category. The Flinch consists not of the music but allowing your friend to meet BTS in another way. The Late Late Show with James Corden is classic comedy and gives a glimpse into the members’ fun and humorous personalities. Once your friend gets a glimpse into how amusing the guys are, you can then use RUN episodes or videos of the guys being their hilarious selves to pull your friend in. Entertaining music videos like DOPE, DNA, or a throwback like War of Hormone, can then lead them with personality first, then to the music, pulling your friend to join you in the BTS waters.

Photo Source: 2015 BTS Summer Package in
Kota Kinabalu

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