The Bond Between BTS & TXT!!!

TXT (Tomorrow X Together) is a five member South Korean boy band formed by BigHit Entertainment.

They debuted on March 7, 2019 with their first album The Dream Chapter : Star on Mnet Television. These boys performed “Crown” and “Blue Orangeade” on the weekly M countdown music show breaking records worldwide.

That’s not the only thing the fans got to talk about. After the show TXT fans and ARMYs got a view of the boys hanging out together with BTS members when TXT shared a moment at their company thanking their seniors on Twitter.

They expressed their gratitude to our BTS posting:

“Thank you so much for having to give us time and say such nice things to us with good advice. We will do our very best to be your juniors! We love you, our sunbaes!” The group wrote, using the term “sunbae” meaning “senior” in the sense of referring affectionately to BTS.

And melting all our ARMY hearts Jungkook replied to TXT’s post on behalf of BTS, hinting that he is no longer the ‘Maknae’of the BigHit family and now he is officially ‘Jungkook hyung’.

The post read:

 “This is Jungkook Hyung. Don’t fall sick & fighting (all the best) for the activities.”

‘Maknae’ means the youngest member and ‘Hyung’ means older brother used by males.

After this post ‘Jungkook Hyung’started trending on social media worldwide.

Making all ARMYs  emotional and realize that our Golden Maknae, Our Kookie has grown so much!

 And with previous support message by Jimin which stated:

“We will support/cheer you on now, too Fighting! I truly congratulate you on your debut.”

Shows that our boys and TXT are close friends and family under BigHit supporting each other.

So lets cheer them on for success!!!!! Fighting Boys!!!!!

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