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Top 10 apps every ARMY needs

Being an ARMY takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It also includes staying up to date with all of the newest events and news, knowing what the members are up to, and more.

So to make it  a little easier for you, we have made this list of all of the must-have apps for this fandom! 

1. Twitter

Twitter is a must have for any ARMY! It is a way to stay up-to-date on the most recent news and to interact with the boys! It’s also a great way to meet other ARMY and join in projects and events! it is one of the most important apps to have. 

2. Vlive

Vlive is extremely important! BTS host live streams and post special videos here. This is the app ARMY use to talk and interact with BTS live and enjoy special content. Members host live videos for birthdays, award shows, and much more! They also post Run BTS and Bon Voyage here. 

3. ARMY Amino

ARMY Amino is an app where fans can make posts, watch videos, create chats, and interact with other fans! It is great for staying updated on events and voting.  There are many Aminos for BTS fans but this is number 1. 

4. Shazam

Shazam is extremely important for a few reasons. 

On shazam you can find out the tittle of a song by recording a clip of it. Radio stations use the Shazam count to determine what songs are popular. a radio station is more likely to play a song that is Shazamed a lot, so it helps BTS to get more air-play and you get to hear them on the radio.

Radio play is a requirement for Billboard hot 100. So, the more ARMY Shazam, the more BTS songs play on the radios. that helps BTS stay on the Hot 100 chart. 

Also, the more Shazams made in your city or country the more likely BTS will hold a concert there. It shows how popular they are in that location.

5. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a Free app where you can listen to music, make public and privet playlists, and discover many artists from around the world.

BTS has an official SoundCoud Account where they post their official and unofficial music. On SoundCloud you have access to their Albums and cover songs the boys do. 

6. Mwave- MAMA, Vote, Kpop News

Mwave App is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Especially during voting season.

A lot of things are available to you on this app. But, the most important use is VOTING. On the app you can vote for MAMA Awards each year. 

MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) is an end of year award show that is one of the biggest and most important! This is where a lot of groups give hints to new eras and comebacks. It also gives out some of the biggest awards of the year to the artists. BTS has done well at the MAMAs for the past couple years and we want our boys to continue winning! So it is imperative that ARMY vote for BTS at the MAMAs.  

7. BTS Official Shop

This is the BTS Official shop app. here you can buy official BTS merch from BigHit. If you are like me and prefer to use mobile apps then this is a great option for shopping.

8. BTS Official LightStick Ver.3

If you have a BTS ARMY Bomb Ver.3 then this is a must as it can control the ARMY bomb. The new LightStick is bluetooth capable and also has a concert mode. At BTS concerts they will sync your ARMY Bomb with the stage lights. This allows them to do things such as coloured oceans and light waves in the venue. To change the color of the ARMY Bomb you must have this app.


This is not necessarily a BTS app but many ARMY have it. Its a great way to interact with others who like the boys. Also, it has recently came out that Jungkook has this app as well.

10. Puzzle Star BT21

Puzzle Star is a really fun game! It is a great way to spend spare time! whiten the app you can even win cute BT21 icons and gifts!


These are some extra apps for those of you who are interested in Games, Kdramas, or learning Korean and Hangul.

Drops Korean

This is my favorite language app


Viki is a great place to watch all the latest dramas and movies!


This app is great to learn korean as you can chat with Native speakers, and ask them questions.

Line Friend 

This is a Line Friends official app. But, it has many cute BT21 wallpapers, and GIFs. 

Superstar BTS

This game is hard to access outside of Korea but is extremely fun! If you can find it we recommend you play it.

This is just a handful of the amazing apps available. but, we find these to be some of the most important. 

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    • You can only get official merch from weverse shop ( which there is an app on google play and app store but bear in mind that depending on where you live the shipping costs can be very expensive (for example to ship to the United Kingdom where I live it costs around £30 for shipping). You can try your luck with Amazon they might have some BTS merch but make sure to check it is legit.

      Hope this helped 🙂
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Written by Lila

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