Top 10 Run BTS! Episodes Every ARMY Should Watch

10 Run BTS episodes you can’t miss!

For rainy days and solid binge-watching sessions

Whether you’re a new ARMY or an ARMY veteran (see what I did there?), the BTS V Live channel is an integral part of being a BTS fan. Everyone seems to have their favorite episodes to watch. For newer ARMY or first time V Live visitors, the HUNDREDS of videos BTS has available can seem a bit daunting. So where should you start? That’s where we here at Bangtan Online come in.

We’re here to save you some scrolling.

Whether you’re looking for a laugh or something silly to make you smile, Run BTS! is guaranteed to make your day. For those days where you just can’t decide what to watch or where to start, here are the Top 10 Run BTS! episodes of all time. Or at least on this list.

Disclaimer: All Run BTS! episodes are amazing and deserve our love, but these particular episodes stick out to us the most. Did your favorite not make the list? Add it to our honorable mentions and comment it down below!


#10: Water Park Fun! (EP. 13 and 14)

There’s something about going to a waterpark that instantly brings out the inner child in everyone, and the Bangtan boys are no exception. Watch and laugh along with them as they compete against each other in a series of games at an indoor waterpark in Ilsan, Namjoon’s hometown! From walking over floating platforms to memorizing a word while flying down a waterslide, there is no shortage of hilarity in these videos. The guys are split into two teams, hyungs vs maknaes, but there’s a catch. One of the members is a SPY who is trying sabotage the entire game! Who will win the ultimate water challenges, and who could possibly be the mischievous troublemaker? Watch and find out!

#9: Escape Rooms (EP. 26 & 52)

Ready for a real head scratcher? The Bangtan Boys try to solve the mystery of two vastly different escape rooms! The guys split into separate groups and use the tools they’re given to solve the mysteries laid before them. Their first go around happens in groups of two and three, while they later take on the challenge in two separate groups. Which teams work the best together and which use more ~devious~ means to make it to freedom? 

#8: Ice Ice Baby (EP. 16)

Probably one of the most underrated episodes of Run BTS!, the guys’ trip to Ilsan’s One Mount Snow Park (in the same area as the water park from earlier on in this list) is a definite must-see! The 95 line have countless moments of adorableness with their incredible friendship, Jungkook shows off his incredible ingenuity, and they entire hyung line is just as amazing as always. They boys compete in Winter Olympics-style games of tubing, curling, sledding, and who can steal more Army’s hearts with their cuteness. Plus, LOOK AT THE POOFY FLOOFY PUMA JACKETS. Need.

#7: Belting, Badminton and…Butt Smacking? (EP. 54, 55 & 56)

What says brotherly love more than a trip out to the middle of nowhere? In the season two finale of Run BTS! the Bangtan boys sport fashionable matching shirts and black hair (!!) as they jam to karaoke, play badminton, grill dinner, and….smack each other in the butt?? You’ve gotta see it to believe it. 

#6: The Mystery Village (EP. 47 & 48)

This two part series is a quest for the boys where they must solve the mystery of the characters they’ve been given. However there’s a catch: one (or more) of them is given the role of the notorious SPY! Who will solve the mystery? Who will pop a blood vessel trying to solve it? And who will smile and bask in the glory of their brothers’ frustration? Watch to find out. Want an extra challenge? Grab a notebook and take notes yourself to play along with the members! Can YOU solve the mystery before the answers are revealed? 

#5: Theme Park Adventure Time (EP. 3, 50 & 51)

Good old fashioned fun: theme parks! Watch the guys as they have a chance to kick back and “relax” (poor Hobi) as they ride rollercoasters, indulge on yummy snacks, find the PERFECT hats, and complete hysterical challenges that’ll leave tears of laughter streaming down your cheeks. Both episode sets are too wonderful to choose between, so we had to include both. 

#4: The Tomato Song (EP. 31)

What is cuter than BTS in pajamas? Half asleep BTS trying to sing a children’s song, that’s what! Suga hosts while the rest of the Bangtan Boys try to remember the words to a classic Korean children’s song. The catch? At the beginning of the episode all seven of them settle down for a nap while listening to the tune, and must sing it from memory after they wake up. Cue the bed head and simultaneous “awwww”s from ARMYs everywhere. You’ll also have this song stuck in your head for your entire life.

#3: Zombies, Zombies, ZOMBIES! (EP. 24)

Particularly if it’s close to Halloween, but honestly a great watch anytime of the year. They say your true self appears when you are scared, so you really get to see the TRUE Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook (BTS!) in this episode. Who will keep their cool and who screams bloody murder even at the sight of their cameraman?  You’ll be delighted to find out. Turn off the lights, grab a snack, and enjoy the screams. 

#2: The Jumping Episode (EP. 33)

The meme-iest episode of them all. Featuring the derpiest of derp faces (do people still say that?), flying Hoseok hair, and several of the Bangtan boys literally in tears and rolling on the floor with laughter. Comedy gold, and probably the best party game idea EVER.


#1: The Telephone Game (EP. 41)

Featuring cute Yoongi dances, Jin’s ultimate lip reading skills, and Jimin’s classic “Lachimolala”, no Run BTS! list is complete without this particular episode. The guys plot into two teams and play the ultimate game of telephone while listening to blasting music underneath noise cancelling headphones with Tsum Tsums on top (I particularly like Jin’s tiny Daisy Duck). If you need a good cheering up this episode will not fail you. Guaranteed laughter for the next 28+ minutes!

Did your favorite video make the cut? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I’m sorry, I am gonna be that person.

    It’s laCHImola, not lagimola…

    I’ve seen it too many times now, I can hear Jimin say it as though he is right next to me. It haunts me at night almost as badly as my essay deadlines and bills that are due.

  2. I absolutely must insist on the cooking episodes with such classics as sweet potato bingo and squirrel in the garden! Haha. I die laughing each time I watch. Classic Bangtan chaos.

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