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V Releases another self-produced solo track: Winter Bear + Music Video!

With hidden messages. And we are loving it!

On 9th August, BTS’ V (Kim Taehyung) released his second self-produced solo track “Winter Bear” along with a stunning music video, and has the whole fandom in tears because of the feels it brings!

Shook the Fandom

9th of August was the 1000th-day anniversary of the term “I Purple You” (보라해/Borahae) that V came up with saying “Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors. Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time“.
And what does our Taehyung do? He shook all ARMY by releasing his soulful, full English, self-produced solo track: Winter Bear!

The Music & Lyrics

Our beloved Kim Taehyung has written and produced the song himself, presumably with some help by BigHit’s own Adora and BTS’ RM.

The song starts with the strumming of the guitar and V sings:

She looks like a blue parrot / Would you come fly to me / I want some / Good day, good day, good day / Good day, good day

Looks like a winter bear / You sleep so happily / I wish you a / Good night, good night, good night / Good night, good night

Imagine your face / Say hello to me / Then all the bad days / They’re nothing to me / With you / Winter bear / Sleep like a winter bear / Sleep like a winter bear

With its smooth music and V’s deep and soothing voice, this amazing track is full of emotion and has left us all grabbing the tissue box.

The song feels like a beautiful lullaby, the lyrics written to fans with V telling us all to sleep well like a Winter Bear.

The Music Video

Not only has he written and produced the song, but even the MV is self-directed!

Another persona Kim Taehyung has is, Vante, the photographer/artist. And you can really see that it’s indeed Vante speaking through this song.

The MV starts with a flock of birds flying over the sky to then V sitting in the back of a van capturing them. It then moves on to beautiful scenes of him traveling around the U.S and Europe for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself-tour.

If you have missed the MV you can see it here. Just… grab the tissue box first.

Hidden Messages

The ARMY being the detectives that they are, you can’t possibly be surprised that they’ve discovered hidden messages from Taehyung hiding in both the MV and the song’s album art.

One of the messages is “Vante” being spelled in the song’s album art, showing that Taehyungs other persona really is the voice behind both the song and music video.

There is also said to be another message hidden in the album art, “Tan”. This is one of the many nicknames of Yeontan, who also makes an appearance in the music video.
I have to say that he does remind me of a cute little winter bear!

Tannie really does look like a little bear! 💜

Another fingerprint left by Vante, is the camera shutter sound that features in both “Winter Bear” and V’s other self-produced solo track, “Scenery“.

We Purple You!

“Winter Bear” is truly a beautiful soulful song, so is “Scenery”. One can only wonder if maybe a mixTaepe is in the near future… (See what I did there?!)

Thank you, Taehyung, and all members of BTS, for always gifting us with your content and love, even when you are on your well-deserved break.
We will always support you and love you 3000!

Both Winter Bear and Scenery can be streamed on Soundcloud:

“Winter Bear” on SoundCloud
“Scenery” on SoundCloud

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Written by Felicia

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