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Watch BTS Reacts to Their Debut Stage “No More Dream” on MNET M! Countdown!

BTS Reaction to their Debut Stage with English Subtitle!

“This Stage is What Made Us What We Are Now” – Jimin

More than five years have past since BTS had their debut stage. Who can forget their performance of “We are Bulletproof pt.2” and “No More Dream” for β€œMelon Showcase” on June 13, 2013? They were just a rookie hip hop idol group back then, but they are world wide superstars now, becoming a role model to all the current and upcoming rookie groups.

Bangtan Sonyeondan will always be remembered as the boy band from South Korea that manage to became worldwide famous just by being them self, being humble and being hardworking, going from nothing in the music industry to the biggest thing right now.

After their epic performance of “Mic Drop Remix” and “Idol” at this year;s New Year edition of MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon, the Bulletproof Boy Scouts sat down to react to their epic debut stage for MNET M!Countdown.

They shared their stories of how they felt back then, Jimin saying that this stage made him realize they were really debuting. V thinks that that stage was his chance to show people that a person named Kim Taehying existed. Suga remembers everything about that day – their outfits, the atmosphere… while J-Hope things that the hat performance was the most memorable part. They all agree that the cheers from the audience made them feel really happy. But it wasn’t easy for the boys back then… They not only trained and practiced very hard for their debut, they were also struggling financially. For the debut performance, they were wearing 14$ hoodies cause it was the only thing they could have afford. Suga remembers G-Dragon asking him what was written on his clothes and he wasn’t able to answer him as he didn’t know. Watch the teaser and the full reaction video with English subtitles...

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